Wysong Dog Food

Have you been wondering why Wysong dog food is a premier natural organic dog food company that takes “pet nutrition as a serious health matter…not a mere opportunity for profit.”

They are committed… to produce the best! They do everything themselves. From PhD pet health professionals to manufacturing all food, supplements and treats in their own facility!

What could be better?

You can probably share our enthusiasm for this company as you read this article … because they are truly committed to the animal world and creating healthy dog foods that are natural and organic.

This company you can trust. Like you we love our dogs and trust is extremely important!

You will find that Wysong works really hard to develop the best healthy dog foods, supplements and treats for your canine pal.

Some other things we like about Wysong dog food

  • Company was started in 1979. That is 21-years ago!
  • A pioneer in starting the holistic pet health care movement
  • Started by Dr. Wysong…a family company committed to principle before market
  • Also has a line of cat food, ferret food and horse feed and supplements

Plus…there goals are impressive as well!

  1. To educate pet owners about the importance for sound nutritional and health decisions. Like www.gonaturalpet.com they are truly committed to you to the information for free!
  2. To provide healthy dog foods and more that are “scientifically formulated and painstakingly manufactured and packaged for disease prevention and health optimization.”

Can you tell we love this food! We do and we highly recommend this natural organic food for all your animals not just your favorite canines!

Remember…feed the best food you possible can for your companion that is based on a holistic and healthy approach.

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