What About Wellness Cat Food?

A Great Food For Great Cat Care

Did you know that Wellness Cat Food is increasing in popularity for those who have cats?

We at natural-pet-care-essentials.com have found this style of adult cat food can help your pet begin to feel better, because it does offer a unique formula that doesn't uses harmful ingredients that can make them loose energy, suffer from disease or allergies.

In fact... Wellness Cat Food does exactly what it name promises it is designed to make them feel better, as we'll show you.

Blazar the black and white kitty in the picture loves her Wellness Cat Food blend!

What many people don't realize is that there are a number of dangerous products in their current adult cat food. This can lead to a number of dangerous effects as well!

What Shouldn’t Be In Cat Food!

  • Did you know…. that many of these manufacturers choose to use meat to make their products that people wouldn't themselves consume? Sometimes this can contain entrails, high levels of fat and in some cases laboratory animals have even been used. Cat food companies are even known to use meat from animals that have cancer and use the tumors!! That makes us sick.
  • Look for human grade meat..organic is even better. Always get human grade quality meat not meat-by-products
  • No meat by-products, corn, soy, artificial preservatives, wheat, sugar, artificial flavors, color or dyes

Processing at high levels of heat

  • Another problem we find with this style of food is it is cooked at high levels to essentially pasteurize it. The problem with that is that the food then looses all its nutritional value. The good news is…this is a problem we don't normally find in Wellness Cat Food...
  • It’s a great choice…try it.

Please Read The Bag!

  • What is even worse many companies add items to the adult cat food in an effort to make it healthier sounding. Natural is a biggy….Remember natural doesn’t always mean healthy. Know your ingredients. Animal by-products are a big no-no. Protein should be listed as a main ingredient rather than grains.
  • Because you are invested in your pet cat care, you want to be sure that they are fed items that aren't full of preservatives. We know that these items will allow the food to stay fresh on the shelf for a long time. In addition to that, we also find that using harmful preservatives in a product will also have high level of toxins that can further damage your pet. Look for a label that reads preserved with Vitamin E.

No worries says Josie who is getting ready for a nap in her person's bed… before you give up and say there is no hope please read on!

Finding a good brand isn't going to be too much of a shock for you. It is called, Wellness Cat Food. This brand is not only designed to remain delicious for your pet, but we find it is also a very safe and all natural item for them to enjoy as well.

While other companies will continue to try and sell you a great cat food by giving you a cheap brand for what you think is a low price, keep this in mind.

  • The additional vet bills and suffering your cat experiences can be offset if you choose to go with a natural pet food brand.
  • Make sure you only look for the best products on the market.

Remember... with Wellness Cat Food there is nothing that you wouldn't want to eat in this adult cat food option. That is something that should give you peace of mind when you are feeding it to that pet that is essentially a part of your own family.

We know you care and want to provide ultimate pet cat care to your critter! Cats are extremely full of life…give them what they deserve…you will be glad you did!

This is how Wellness describes their cat food…

“We use delicious, real-foods like deboned meats, free of added hormones and steroids, wholesome grains and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the perfect balance of protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the healthiest way possible. Every ingredient in our Wellness natural food recipes is carefully chosen for its nutritional benefits providing just what your feline friend needs for a happier, healthier, longer life. That's why all Wellness cat food formulas are free from meat by-products, potential allergens like corn, soy and wheat as well as artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. We've made it our mission for almost a decade to offer natural, healthful, great-tasting alternatives in pet nutrition. Over the years, we have helped thousands of pets and people discover the difference choosing Wellness can make. And that's something we're proud of because we're not just nutritionists-we're animal lovers like you.”

Wow..that is impressive and sure makes us feel better!

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