Vitamin C For Dogs

Vitamin Supplement For Dogs Health

Have you thought about vitamin C for dogs as an addition to your list for natural dog vitamins?

The fact is vitamin C is a great vitamin supplement for dog’s health and our health!


You have probably heard plenty about the health benefits of vitamin C in the years since Linus Pauling's groundbreaking research.

Some people even call vitamin C a "miracle vitamin."

That might be an overstatement, but we feel that Dr. Pauling's research on the health benefits of vitamin C applies just as much to our canine companions as it does to people.

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In fact, we believe including vitamin C as a daily part of your dog's diet is an important step toward ensuring that he or she enjoys the healthy life they deserve.

Rest assure…the manufacturers of wholesome, holistic dog foods seem to agree with us, because they include vitamin C for dogs in the food they so carefully prepare.

One thing’s for sure it's there to act as a natural food preservative, but it's also included because it's so healthy for dogs to have in their diet as a natural dog vitamin.

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Here's why we believe giving your dog vitamin C as a daily nutritional supplement is so important…

  • Vitamin C for dogs helps support your dog's main line of defense against infections and illness
  • A powerful immune system helps your dog fend off disease, stress, anxiety, depression and general fatigue.

  • It's rich in antioxidants, which combat the destructive effects of the free radicals which can build up in your dog's system even if you feed her a healthy diet.
  • When free radicals accumulate in your dog's body, a chain reaction which ends in cellular damage occurs.

    The antioxidants in vitamin C can help terminate those chain reactions before the cells in your dog's body are damaged.

  • Vitamin C helps detoxify his or her body
  • The air your dog breathes and the water they drink probably both contain pollutants.

  • It provides important joint and connective tissue support, helping to keep your dog's joints healthy and pain-free.
  • Some breeders report that vitamin C is able to prevent or at least alleviate hip dysplasia, an arthritis-like condition which develops in more than a few dogs.

  • It's safe - Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Because it's water-soluble, any excess vitamin C that your dog doesn't metabolize will simply be excreted in his or her urine.
  • In short if you should happen to accidentally give your dog an extra dose, you don't need to worry about her suffering any ill effects from this natural dog vitamin other than some possible diarrhea.

Remember, as with any food or nutritional supplement, natural is always the healthiest choice!

Because natural vitamin C is utilized by dogs much more efficiently than synthetic ascorbic acid, we suggest you look for supplements that are based on natural sources of vitamin C.

Did you know?… that rosehips and acerola extract are two natural ingredients that are potent natural sources of this important vitamin.

That’s why both are frequently used as a vitamin supplement for dogs.

Natural vitamin C for dogs is easy to find, it's not overly expensive, and it can provide a number of health benefits for your dog.

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