VIP Pet Insurance

Best Pet Health Insurance?

VIP Pet Insurance, better known as VPI or Veterinarian Pet Insurance is another option you might want to research and even sign up for!

Lots of our clients at love this company and have had great results with their claims. They feel that VPI is the best pet health insurance out there! Some of them have even been with the company for 30 years!

Cool Facts!…

VIP Pet Insurance’s claim to fame is that they invented health coverage for your beloved family members. They were founded in 1980 with the support of 750 independent veterinarians.

VIP Pet Insurance for your dog

And then later on were the first to offer bird and exotic companion coverage.

Their first policy was for the famous TV canine star….Lassie!

The other thing we like is their website is really user friendly and you can do an easy to navigate comparison with all the top companies. We love this feature because you can see what the top companies are offering and the price.

This can save you a lot of time and help you make a list of your questions.

You may know…that choosing a company for the best coverage for your pet and their needs takes time, perseverance and patience. We recommend not choosing the first one you research.

Remember...our family members all have different needs so making a list of those needs would be a great place to start when contacting different companies. Plus….A list of questions is also helpful.

Think About This…when making your list!

  • All the choices for coverage and have different deductibles. That is the first question to ask.
  • Also your list of questions should have listed what health conditions might be not covered. Most don’t cover pre-existing, hereditary defects, chronic health conditions and elective surgeries. Yet…there are probably more…so find those out!
  • There may be a waiting period before your companion could be covered. Plus surcharges may apply because of the age, breed or another reason they might not reveal on their printed information

Finally…other Important Facts about VPI

  • They are the top vet-recommended company for covering your companion
  • Accepted by all types of veterinarians…specialists, emergency care, holistic and veterinarian acupuncture…we think that this is awesome!
  • No state borders… can go anywhere in the country for your companions’ health care
  • Been around for 30 years

Keep in mind…doing research and having questions while researching VIP Pet Insurance or VPI will help you make the best decision for your companions’ needs.

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