Pet Medications
Without A Prescription

Tips on Buying Pet Medication Online

Did you know that... Pet medications without a prescription are readily available for many symptoms that may be plaguing your companion?

Like you!…when you feel ill, you probably take an aspirin or some similar over-the-counter remedy to lower your fever or get rid of your headache.

Better yet…you might take a more natural remedy - something herbal, most likely, to let you take advantage of the natural healing powers of herbs and flowers.

The point is, you don't normally run to your doctor right away and get a prescription for heavy duty medication every time you don't feel well. Instead, you try to treat whatever's happening to your body with over-the-counter medications or natural remedies that don't require a prescription.

The Same Holds True With Our Companions…

Here’s how!

  • You can take the same approach when your pet falls ill by treating with healthy, holistic pet medications without a prescription.
  • Choosing natural, holistic remedies that effectively treat a wide assortment of ailments that can affect your pet.
  • You also have a large number of over-the-counter choices for pet medications and you may be buying your pet medications online without a prescription already.

What Natural Over-The-Counter Medications can Treat

  • Various allergies
  • Stress relief
  • Hairballs in cats
  • Skin issues such as hot spots or hives
  • Digestive problems
  • Fleas with pet flea medication
  • Joint stiffness
  • Dry or patchy coats
  • Hip and joint problems
  • Muscular stiffness or soreness

Although we recognize that prescription medications certainly have their place and are absolutely necessary to treat certain health conditions, in many cases you can safely and effectively treat a number of pet ailments using pet medications without a prescription.

We strongly believe that you don't always need to use prescription drugs to treat an ill or ailing pet.


  • Prescription medications typically use artificial, synthetic chemicals as their active ingredients
  • Prescription medications which rely on chemicals to be effective can weaken the normally powerful healing abilities of your pet's own immune system like pet flea medication
  • Alternatives like natural, holistic solutions that don't require prescriptions can actually be much healthier for your pet in the long run

Where To Buy…

  • Holistic veterinarian
  • Some pet stores
  • Websites offering pet medications online

The good news is… you might be surprised by the large number of illnesses and ailments that can be treated effectively without a prescription and are healthy for you companion as well.

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