Pet Health Insurance Reviews

Tips on Pet Insurance Comparisons

To get great coverage for your pet it is essential that you get all the pet health insurance reviews you can to make the best pet insurance comparison.

Did you know? Approximately fifteen companies currently offer pet health insurance in the US, and many of them have different types of policies and different levels of coverage?

That means choosing the right health insurance for your pet can get tricky.

We want to help you as much as we can, so we've compiled a list that includes every company we're aware of that currently offers pet health insurance in the US.

To help you keep track of your pet health insurance reviews, we've listed the companies alphabetically.

We've also included some questions and considerations that can make your pet health insurance reviews be more fully informed.

We're not recommending one particular company over any of the others, because it depends on your pets needs.

Choose the right pet health insurance company or plan that would be the right choice for you.

Companies Offering Pet Health Insurance in the US

Investigating these companies in alphabetical order can make it easier to keep track of which companies you've already checked out when doing your pet insurance comparison and which ones you still want to look into during your pet health insurance reviews.

Here they all are…

  • 24PetWatch
  • Banfield
  • Embrace
  • Hartville
  • Healthy Paws
  • Pet Assure
  • PetFirst Healthcare
  • Pets Best
  • PetsHealth
  • PetPlan
  • PurinaCare
  • ShelterCare
  • Trupanion
  • VPI

Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting Your Pet Health Insurance Reviews

It's important to consider these questions carefully and answer them honestly, because your answers can help guide you toward choosing the company and insurance coverage that would be most suitable for you and your pet.

While you're answering these questions and reviewing your options, remember that cost is not the most important factor. Making sure your pet always has the veterinary care he needs is more important by far.

  1. Do you prefer the lower monthly premium typically associated with insurance that pays a smaller percentage of your vet bills or only covers you for large claims, or would you prefer a plan that pays a larger percentage of your vet bills but has a larger monthly premium? In other words, how much of a gamble are you willing to take with your out-of-pocket vet expenses?

  2. Do you mind being restricted to using an insurance company's "network" of vets? Maybe not, if your vet is on the company's list. But some companies allow you to go to any licensed vet.

Other Things to Consider During your Pet Health Insurance Reviews

  1. If you're insuring a dog, are they one of the breeds that some insurance companies either exclude from coverage altogether, cover differently or add a surcharge to cover? Likewise, some pet insurance companies won't cover animals over a specified age. Be careful here when you're doing your pet health insurance reviews.

  2. Is there a waiting period before your pet will be covered? If so, what is it? It could be different with different companies.

  3. Do you want coverage for illnesses and accidental injuries, or is the injury coverage enough? It's your call.

  4. Does your pet already have a specific health condition, or are they likely (for genetic reasons, for example) to develop a specific health condition? A traditional pet health insurance plan probably won't cover your pet for a health condition they already have (it's called a "pre-existing condition" exclusion). And some companies won't cover certain breeds of dogs for specified health conditions, whether or not your dog already has one. Consider a discount plan if you want any coverage for these conditions.

  5. Do you have more than one pet you want to insure? If so, some companies might give you a slightly reduced overall price.

  6. Make sure you're familiar with an insurance company's exclusions from coverage. Some policy exclusions are fairly standard, but others vary from one company to the next. Remember, none of your vet bills will be covered if the treatment relates to one of the excluded conditions

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