Pet Health Insurance Policy

Are you asking yourself what is the best type of pet health insurance policy to get?

As you probably know several things make choosing the right pet health insurance policy challenging.

For one thing… about fifteen companies offer pet health insurance in the US, and knowing which company would be "best" isn't easy.

In fact… you'll probably need to do a fair bit of research to pick the "right" vet pet insurance company for you and your pet.

Yet choosing the company isn't the only decision you'll need to make. Pet health insurance companies offer different types of policies as well as different levels and types of coverage. It can all get so complicated ....

Choosing A pet health insurance policy

Choosing the type of pet health insurance policy coverage you want is an important decision, for your pet's continued health and well-being and for your bank account, too.

You can read how we describe the four different types of pet health insurance plans below.

We won't bore you with a lot of details, because you'll need to read all the fine print in the policies anyway.

Instead… we'll summarize some of the most important points to remember while you're evaluating different pet insurance plans.

Remember… while you're reviewing vet pet insurance, keep in mind that some companies might offer all four types of plans, while others restrict you to only one or two.

four main types of pet insurance plans

Traditional pet health insurance:

With coverage often available at several levels such as basic, deluxe, premium and so on, you'll need to read these policies to see exactly what benefits are provided.

Essentially, these are "cookie cutter" plans with provisions that are pretty much set in stone. Although some companies allow you to select your deductible (and thereby lower your premiums), in most cases your only choice involves which level of coverage you want - and the more that's covered, the higher your premiums will be.

Many traditional plans cover accident and illness (including diagnostics, lab tests and surgeries), but others also include wellness benefits, including immunizations and routine preventive care. Some even cover spaying/neutering, prescription medications and/or dental care.

Accident-only pet health insurance:

As its name implies, this type of pet health insurance only covers treatment for accidental injuries.

Vet bills for everything else, including acute or chronic illness, routine exams, preventive care and dental care are all excluded from coverage.

Discount pet health insurance:

This type of coverage discounts the cost of veterinary treatments by the percentage specified in the policy.

You'll be required to use one of the insurance company's "network" vets in order to receive the discount.

Basically, your monthly premium lets you take advantage of the lower fees the insurance company has negotiated with the participating vets.

For example, if the network vets have agreed to do routine exams for insured pets for 15% less than they charge for other pets, you'd pay the discounted price.

Customizable pet health insurance:

With customizable insurance, you'll be able to choose your own deductible, level of coverage, co-payment amount and annual maximum benefit.

Dental and prescription medication coverage are generally extra-cost options. Basically, you can tailor your pet health insurance policy to suit your needs.

Some companies will even provide coverage for continuing care necessitated by chronic health conditions and certain hereditary and/or breed-specific conditions that ordinarily are excluded from coverage.

We sincerely hope this information helps you choose the right type of pet health insurance plan for you and your pet

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