Natural Flea Remedy

Finding a Solution with
All Natural Flea Control

Finding a non-toxic natural flea remedy can be tough. We at have searched and searched for an alternative approach of natural flea control for dogs and cats.

Natural flea remedies

Good news…we have found solutions that you can make yourself, or if you choose, buy online to control and eliminate fleas.

Everyone who's owned a dog or cat knows this can be a big problem, and not just for the pet!

A fact…Fleas are bloodsucking parasites that bite cats and dogs in order to feast on their blood.

Although the blood loss is usually minimal (fleas are, after all, tiny and even collectively aren't able to drink very much blood), flea bites are itchy and can cause a great deal of discomfort.

Yet…if left untreated the infestation can become a huge problem. Using a pet flea medication will help.

Another fact…fleas can and do transmit tapeworms and several serious diseases. In addition, some animals develop flea allergies and can experience significant skin problems when fleas are around.

Plus, fleas are also happy to bite the human companions of cats and dogs.

So, if your pet has fleas, it's important to get rid of them quickly and prevent a re-infestation.

A number of preventative pet flea medications are available. Some of the more popular flea control products include different brands of topical squeeze-on liquids, designed to be applied directly onto your pet's skin and fur along the spine. Other products include flea collars, powders and shampoos.

Applying a topical liquid product on a monthly, ongoing basis seems to be a particularly effective way to deter fleas.

Most of these products use chemicals to kill any fleas that are already on your pet and to prevent new arrivals from setting up housekeeping. And many of these chemical products are waterproof, so they keep working even if your pet gets wet.

Wait! That might sound good, but did you notice there are two potential issues with what we just told you?

  • The first problem… is the heavy reliance on toxic chemicals that characterizes most commercially available pet flea medications. Yes, those chemicals kill and prevent fleas. But, these products also continuously expose your dog or cat to some highly toxic chemicals. Does that sound healthy for your pet?
  • The second problem… is that many of these products are waterproof. Once you apply a waterproof chemical pet flea medication, all those unhealthy chemicals will stay on your pet, even if you bathe your companion!

Here's a direct quote from the package insert of one popular topical product…

"Avoid contact with skin. Call poison control center if swallowed. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water."

Now, those warnings are actually meant to apply to humans who come into contact with the product.

Doesn't it stand to reason that if contact with human skin should be avoided and is dangerous enough to require this type of warning, then contact with canine or feline skin should also be avoided?

Yet…these products are intended to be applied directly to your pet's skin! How can they possibly be safe for your furry friend?

Fortunately, after a lot of searching and trying out different products, we finally found a natural flea remedy which is free of nasty chemicals but keeps fleas away from our pets.

Most of these products control fleas with natural botanicals and essential oils, and they're safe alternatives to chemical choices that are available.

In addition…to being safe, they're available in several easy to use forms, including squeeze-on liquids, powders, sprays and wipes. These safe, natural flea remedy are readily available on a variety of websites, so they're easy buy pet medication online too!

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