Pet Dental Insurance

Pet Health Insurance Is On The Rise

Have you considered getting pet dental insurance? Pet health insurance is getting pretty darn popular and we want to make sure you spend your money for pet insurance wisely!

pent dental insuranc

We have tons of information on about what questions to ask, what companies to look at, what to consider and what to review when looking for pet health insurance.

First!... Let us help by give you some great and need-to-know information about your animals teeth!

Did you know that they can have some of the same dental issues as we do! They do!

This is true! When your furry friend eats... the food, saliva and bacteria collects between and on their teeth. If we don't remove the food within a few hours a soft material call plaque begins to harden into tarter.

Then after 24-48 hours tarter and more bacteria grows and sticks to the teeth!

The bad news is

...If it isn't removed, your pet's gums can bleed and be extremely painful, which is called gingivitis.

The large amounts of bacteria causing the gingivitis can become a source of infection for the rest of the body. So when your best companion breathes, eats and swallows the bacteria travel into the lungs, heart, kidneys, etc....What this means to you?

Large Veterinarian bills! If this happens to your pet and you are finding that you want to purchase pet insurance here are some tips for you to consider!

10 - Tips to consider when looking for pet insurance...

  1. Research all the companies you can before you make your decision on pet health insurance
  2. There is a monthly premium whether your companion needs dental care or not
  3. Read the fine print as certain procedures may not be covered
  4. Do your research of all pet insurance companies as you may end up with very minimal coverage or no coverage
  5. Remember you get what you pay for. Higher cost can mean better coverage
  6. By getting pet dental insurance you can focus on the best treatment rather than cost
  7. Talk with the customer service folks and carefully decide if they are willing to answer all your questions and help you!
  8. Ask about the deductibles, surcharges, exclusions and maximum payout
  9. Find out how long the waiting period is before you are covered
  10. Decide if you really need pet insurance

There are so many things to consider when purchasing pet dental insurance....our advice is to research wisely!