Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care, brushing your pets teeth

Pet Dental Care…when was the last time your brushed you companion’s teeth?

For a well-rounded healthy pet this is a great way to implement an alternative pet medicine approach to your routine.

Why? You may ask?

The American Veterinarian Dental Society recommends that pet owners follow some basic steps.

Because they are seeing more animals whose most severe medical problems are dental problems.

Alarming fact, oral disease is the number one health problem!

We have been providing a homecare program that has been included in our alternative pet medicine routine for years.

One of our founding members is a former Registered Dental Hygienist who studied veterinarian dental care over 30 years ago. She is even been known to floss her dog’s teeth!

So, in order to have a truly healthy pet following the 3-basic tips Don’t wait..get started now!

  1. Take your pet to your veterinarian for an oral dental exam and schedule regular veterinary checkups that are appropriate for your companion
  2. Follow up with dental cleanings suggested by your veterinarian
  3. Begin a daily home dental care routine

Oral Dental Exams

Happy owner with her dog and his dental care

Regular Dental Cleanings

For a healthy pet, daily brushing is essential for good alternative pet medicine practices.

Brushing will remove the soft substance that causes disease called plaque but not the hard material called tartar.

A professional cleaning is where you begin to remove the tartar. This procedure is called a prophylaxis or “prophy.”

Here is what happens during a routine pet dental care prophy.

  • Anesthetizing your pet
  • Routine x-rays to assess dental health
  • Flushing the mouth that kills harmful bacteria
  • Cleaning the teeth above and below the gumline. This is the most important part
  • Assessing if all areas are clean by using a solution that reveals any leftover tarter
  • Polish the teeth
  • Flushing the mouth with an anti-bacterial solution
  • Charting any abnormalities
  • Determining a future treatment plan for a healthy pet

Home Dental Care Routine

For a healthy pet taking care of your animal’s mouth includes looking for warning signs of gum disease.

What to do daily

  • Check for bad breath
  • Check for red and swollen gums
  • Any yellow-brown crust on the teeth especially near the gumline
  • Look for pain or bleeding when you touch the gums
  • Also look for broken, discolored or missing teeth
  • Include daily brushing
  • Use mechanical removal of plague by using plaque removing dental toys or rope toys

Adopt these easy and quick tips into your alternative pet medicine routine and make sure your good pet dental care is part of your best companion’s present and future!

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