Pet Care Supplies

11 Tips For Choosing Natural and
Holistic Pet Supplies

All natural or holistic pet care supplies are an important piece to consider when you want to raise your companion the most healthy way you can.

We are committed to not only feeding our pets healthy organic foods, and supplements…we also want to be sure their environment is equally safe from chemicals and toxic materials.


That answer is simple…we want the best for them because they give us so much!

Many animal lovers are concerned about the impact they and their companions have on the environment.

Choosing a green pet product will be a great way to lessen a toxic impact on the environment.

Like it or not…our world is filled with chemicals and toxins that can harm us and animals.

We know it isn’t possible to eliminate them all, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your pets exposure and preserve their wellness.

Here's How We All Can Make a Change

  1. Natural Pet Shampoo…Commercial pet shampoos can look harmless and smell nice but they contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and coat and cause health issues. Learn to recognize those horrible ingredients and choose the natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly pet care supplies.
  2. Natural Cat Litter…is biodegradable, flushable and scoopable. There are many different choices and it will ultimately be up to your fur ball to decide which one they like. There are many natural cat litter options to try so don’t give up!
  3. Natural Dog Products…are a great way to reduce exposure to toxins. We can’t eliminate all of them but we can choice products that will preserve the wellness of our dogs. There are great holistic pet supplies that are actually good for our dogs.
  4. Natural Pet Beds…are an important addition when considering your pets living environment. Their noses are very close to the material that goes into making beds…so it is important that they are not breathing harmful chemicals.
  5. All Natural Pet Supplies…Pet care supplies that are natural and holistic are really the best way to raise your family member. By providing them with holistic pet supplies you can preserve their wellness, decrease allergies and other health issues.
  6. Natural Hemp Dog Collar…You might ask why use a hemp dog collar? We think they are a great idea because they are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. No chemicals, no toxins…they are high on our list for an all natural pet care supply!
  7. Natural Horse Halters…Are the best way to go! Our clients that use natural horse halters say this is the best way to care and train your horse.
  8. Natural Dog Toys…Every dog owner knows that dogs love to chew so buying a natural dog toy rather than one made from toxic materials makes sense. Wouldn’t you agree? Toxin free dog toys are available. Learn what to look for.
  9. Natural Flea Spray…These pests aren’t just annoying…they can make your dog or cat ill. Learn how to control them without chemicals and toxic ingredients that are harmful to you and your pet.
  10. Natural Horse Products…Nature provides many ways to raise and keep a horse healthy. We don’t have to rely on ingredients that can harm our majestic creatures. Learn about some great products.
  11. Natural Hamster Bedding…Hammies are so darn cute and what could be better than seeing your little guy snuggled up in some natural hamster bedding that isn’t going to do harm. Pet care supplies for your hamster can be natural, healthy and holistic.

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