Healthy Pet Arthritis Medicine

For Treating Cats And Dogs

Did you know that finding healthy pet arthritis medicine really isn’t that difficult.

Like people, our cats, dogs and horses can suffer from arthritis and it can affect their lifestyle tremendously.

As you probably know, aging is one cause. Yet… there are many other causes that can lead to pain and inflammation in your companion’s joints.

Doing the following things can help you…

  • Learn all you can about the type of arthritis your pet has?
  • Find and interview alternative veterinarians that can treat your pet with the right holistic cat or dog arthritis medicine.
  • Find the best animal health practitioner to go to give other types of treatments like dog massage, cat massage, horse massage, chiropractic adjustments,acupuncture, herbs and nutrition counseling.

Arthritis in dogs and cats behaves similarly in humans. The joint becomes inflamed, painful, stiff and swelling can occur.

Yet, don’t give your companion people medicine. Have your loved one checked by a holistic veterinarian first so you know what the right dog arthritis treatment or cat treatment is.

What Type of Arthritis Does Your Pet Have?

  • Osteoarthritis…is probably the most common type.
  • Your pet starts to loose cartilage in the joints due to age. This condition is chronic and progressive.

    Many vets offer some very toxic prescriptions to make your dog and cat comfortable. While they do work they are harmful to the liver.

    Plus, long term they are not healthy solutions. Blood tests should be done frequently to monitor the health of the liver.

    Depending on the type of alternative pet medicine you choose you are able to treat this condition using holistic means. Acupuncture, massage therapy, organic foods, homeopathy all are extremely effective.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis…in cats and dogs is another common form of arthritis. It is complicated as it is considered an auto immune disease and is genetic. Toxic prescriptions are available but they affect the immune system and not in a good way. When animals have this form of arthritis they need to build their immune systems with healthy food and supplements and using healthy pet arthritis medicines. By giving them toxic chemicals we are only masking the problem.

No thanks! We will choose healthy pet arthritis medicine for our faithful companions.

We have clients who have great success with homeopathy, Chinese Herbology and feeding only organic fresh food…they feed nothing processed.

They make all their own food and refuse to feed even the best organic kibble to their 4-legged companions.

Remember…when you research and learn all you can about using the right pet arthritis medicine for the type of cat arthritis or that may be plaguing your pet you can really help your companion feel its best.

Here’s to prolonging the happiness and quality of life for your pet…feels good doesn’t it?

We think so especially when we wake up every morning to slobbery kisses!

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