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Are you looking for the perfect place to get info about organic pet foods? Great...You have found it!

The great news is...We at have over 20 years experience with raising animals and helping others with finding the best healthy dog foods/diet , nutritional cat foods and natural pet food/diet for our…

  • Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens
  • Horses and ponies
  • Lizards
  • Birds
  • Fish and
  • Hamsters

Are you finding that you are becoming overwhelmed with all the information out there on the web?

Our goal is to help you on your journey to providing the best possible solution for feeding organic pet foods/diet to your animal and giving you lots of free information.

Free information for you….

  • Healthy pet food recipes...You might be asking…is preparing healthy pet food recipes worth it? We at believe it is. Once you get the hang of it, feeding organic pet foods, a natural pet food or creating natural dog food recipes isn’t really that time consuming.
  • Natural organic pet food…This is where you will learn 4-Tips on why to feed your pet the best possible diet you can using healthy, natural and organic ingredients. Learn how it can help skin allergies, illness, vitality and more.
  • Natural horse feed...Natural horse feed is on the top of our list when choosing natural horse products! Wouldn’t you like to… save money…ensure a healthier diet…and discover a happier horse by feeding your friend a natural product? Great! Please check this info out.
  • Hamster will find great information for the best hamster food choices. Pet hamster care at its best organically. Feeding a natural diet can take you a lot of time and effort which takes you away from hanging out with your cute little fuzz ball. We make it easier for you. All in one place!
  • Lizard food...Finding organic lizard food is high on our list for our clients who want the best pet lizard care for their critters.Feeding organic pet foods to our animals is something we have been researching and doing for over 20 years! We have some great tips for you!
  • Organic fish food...This is where you will get information on the best pet fish care food tips for optimal pet fish health.
  • Organic parrot food...We at have tried many of the premium certified organic parrot foods. Plus…we are always hunting for high quality, natural, and human grade ingredients. Our parrots are worth it. Wouldn’t you agree! Learn about Harrison's parrot food and Zupreem parrot food.
  • and more!

Feeding healthy dog foods/diet, nutritional cat food and a natural pet diet to your companions is one of the best things you can do for your animals.

We are so excited to share everything we know with you. So are Eli and his friend the handsome golden retriever pictured on the left. We have seen pets change from having serious illnesses, having no energy, dull coats, itchy skin and miserable lives. To a lifestyle that is healthier, more vivacious and that are disease and symptom free.

A great story…. One of our colleagues had a parrot named Maxwell that was a feather plucker. Everything she did for this bird did not help the problem. She spent countless hours in veterinarian’s offices looking for a solution.

Finally….she started feeding her parrot an organic diet. And guess what…Maxwell changed from a feather plucker to a beautiful bird with new shinny feathers!

Stories like this make us ecstatic! You know why? Like you we love our animals and we want the best for all of them!

Don’t wait…let’s get started now….together!

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