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Are you looking for a healthy certified organic parrot food? There are tons of them on the market and the choice can be difficult.

To keep it simple...A great treat for your parrot is a bowl of organic air popped corn.

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We at have tried many of the premium certified options.

Plus…we are always hunting for high quality, natural, and human grade ingredients.

Your parrots are worth it. Wouldn’t you agree!

We can’t wait to share that information with you...let's get started!

Why Feed Certified Organic? Parrot Food?

Birds are extremely sensitive to any type of exposure to chemicals…much more than us humans. A small short exposure to a toxic chemical might not affect us…yet…it could easily produce a fatal condition in your bird.

That reason alone is why we believe feeding organic foods to be the safest and the best for a long and healthy life for your parrot.

First…let’s explore the meaning of organic and natural…then learn about balancing parrot food selections …and then some of our recommendations!

What Does Organic Mean?

  • Organic food producers grow food that is sensitive to environmental health. Products are grown following strict governmental standards.
  • Farmers grow considering a healthy balance of the soil, plants, and animals.
  • Crops are not treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • They have strong ethics that reflect a positive way to feed yourself, your family and of course your critters.

What Does Natural Mean?

  • Natural doesn’t have any governmental standards as does organic!
  • Natural doesn’t mean healthy or without chemicals.
  • Zupreem parrot food is one company that boasts a natural product and some of our clients love it!

Getting The Right Balance!...Organically Of Course!

Feeding your parrot a balanced diet is very important for optimal health. Feeding all seeds, pellets, nuts and nothing fresh can have long-term negative health effects.

  • Formulated Pellets should be the bulk of your parrot’s diet. They offer the best balance of ingredients.Companies such as Harrison’s Parrot Food take great care in formulating the most optimal nutritional balance.Pellets offer the bird to eat all the ingredients rather than just being able to pick out its favorite seed or nut.
  • Fruits and Veggies are the next most important type of food to feed your feathered friend. When we prepare fresh fruit and veggie cups for our guys they squawk with pure abandonment.Fruits and veggies provide the all important live food addition to a great diet for a healthy bird. Make sure your buy organic because so many of our fruit and veggies have very harmful pesticides.
  • Sprouts are a super choice for feed your critter fresh food. They provide tons of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.Yes…they take a lot of care to prepare as they can easily grow bacteria or mold if left in the feeding bowl all day. Plus, there are certain seeds that need to be cooked before sprouting.We rely on Avian Naturals…which is a certified organic sprout mixture. They have some great mixes. Our parrots love the 2 mixed varieties plus the popcorn!
  • Seeds are the next choice for feeding. Before we knew about the importance of a balance diet seeds were the mainstay of a parrots diet.Luckily…this has changed and folks are making the switch to pellets and live foods.But…we believe it is important to include some seed. Why? Because parrots have so much fun eating them…hulling the seeds, choosing their favorites and making a huge mess.Think of it as “Birdie Entertainment”…just keep the quantity down and vary your seeds daily.
  • Nuts like seeds should be kept to a minimum. They do have fat and are a great source for calcium.Some great choices are almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

Some great choices are almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

There is a lot to think about when trying to choose the right organic parrot food.

We just made it easier for you …

Our Favorite Certified Organic Parrot Food

  • Harrison’s Organic Parrot Food – formulated pellet diets created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists. The best in our opinion and the only one we feed!

There are other companies that offer great quality foods but Harrison’s is our favorite.

Other organic parrot foods to consider…

  • Avian Organics
  • Dr. Harvey’s
  • Goldenfeast Seed Mixes
Caring for your birds can be challenging, and overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. Dr. Joel Murphy has some great advice on keeping your birds healthy.

Birds are some of the most magnificent creatures on earth. They are incredibly smart, sensitive and entertaining. Remember to give them plenty of exercise, water and care for a long and healthy life.

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