Organic Fish Food

Optimal Pet Fish Care and Health

Are you finding that buying organic fish food is a huge feat in itself!

We understand and want to help you find the best quality food we can!

That said, we like to go the extra mile to provide the best pet fish care we can for optimal pet fish health.

Organic Fish Foo

How do we do that? How do we find the most natural and hopefully organic fish food available?

We read labels and do tons of research!

On this page you will find important tips for proper pet fish care and the important ingredients to look for in a high quality food.

All great information to help you make informed decisions.

Like you...we find owning fish to be super rewarding and fun.

Many people think of pet fish care as being fairly low maintenance. While this is true when compared to other pets they do need attention to detail in order to have optimal health for long happy lives.

Proper Pet Fish Care

  • It is extremely important to feed your fish properly. Organic fish food would be great…but there are no guarantees that the ingredients in fish food are organic.

    What we do is read all the ingredients of any food we buy to make sure there are no unnecessary ingredients.
  • Always feed your fish at a specific time for optimal pet fish health. It really depends on the species of your pet fish.

    Some like to eat at night while others are fine being fed during the day. Find out what the behavior and needs of your particular fish are and then decide on a regular pet fish care schedule.

    Just like your other critters your fish are a vital part of your family. So finding the best food and pet fish care schedule is important. They all have names and personalities.

    We have an angelfish (Saphora or Sappy), 2 tetras (Zippy and Spot), a catfish (Kitty), 2 mollies (L’orange 1 and 2) and a plecostomus (Rudy).

    In fact…Sappy can tell us humans apart and she has her favorites.
  • Keep in mind…choosing a fish food depends on the type of fish you own. We take into consideration what they might eat in the wild.

    Depending on the species…they can be meat eaters (carnivores), vegetarians (herbivores) or omnivores (eat both meat and vegetation).

    There are tons of different types of food on the market.

    You can choose from flakes, pellets, liquid and freeze-dried food (our guys love blood-worms..sounds pretty yucky huh!).

    Just remember to choose the highest quality fish food that is available…read the labels… and don’t buy the stuff that has a bunch of unnecessary ingredients
Pet Fish Health- Learn about organic fish food for optimal pet fish care and pet fish health
  • For optimal pet fish health feeding the correct amount of food is critical. So many owners overfed.

    Excess food left in the tank rots and causes bacteria to grow in the tank…definitely not a good thing.

    Yet…if you don’t feed enough they will become malnourished, loose weight and possible be subjected to a vitamin deficiency which can lead to death.

    The correct amount depends on the type of fish you have.
Pet Fish Health

Important Ingredients in Fish Food

  • Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. You will often see egg and DL-Methionine listed. Other sources of protein are fish meal, squid meal, brine shrimp meal, soybean meal, etc.
  • Fats are the main source for energy. Fats supply the heart and muscles fuel to function at peak levels.

    It also helps with Vitamins A,D, E and K absorption.
  • Carbohydrates are usually seen on the label as amylase. Carbs are not a great energy source for fish like protein or fat.

    You will often see whole wheat flour…not the greatest carbo source.
  • Spirulina is a blue-green algae that has tons of protein, vitamins, beta carotene, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Fish are fabulous pets and can reward us with their beauty and grace. Some fish like angelfish are extremely intelligent and personable.

As you know providing them with the best possible care is important and feeding an organic fish food is a mission of ours here at

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