Organic Cat Food

Have you ever confused organic cat food with natural choices?

That is easily done! We know as we have been there.

We want to help you by providing you with the information you need so that the next time you are shopping you will know what to look for!

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When it comes to good pet cat care, it is important that you know the difference between the organic and the natural choices. As you probably know the choices are huge and confusing.

We can help!

To begin with, organic cat food is exactly what it sounds like. This is a food source that uses only food ingredients that are stamped by the USDA “Certified Organic.”

This can be in the form of raw foods like meats and in some cases vegetables as well. When you feed your cats this type of food, you are giving them foods that are grown in a healthful way…organically.

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We find that natural cat food is a bit different. This is food considered to be natural because their ingredients can also be found in nature. Which is great wouldn’t you agree?...Well?

The problem here is that the ingredients may be natural but that particular brand of natural cat food may be grown with harmful chemicals, pesticides and additives. There are no regulations for natural cat food!

Manufacturers can put anything into a natural cat food they want! As consumers we are not protected!

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Back to organic cat food…The USDA requires that certain elements be in place in order to be labeled as organic cat foods.

These things require that the grains be grown in a way which does not involve pesticides or unhealthy ingredients while natural foods mean no more than that. Organic ingredients have no additives or preservatives. The guidelines are strict and must be adhered to.

We tell our clients that there are many natural substances, using a food that is labeled as all natural does not guarantee you any level of quality to the cat food.

When you are at the store picking up organic foods, be sure you only get products that are hormone free as well. While some meats might not say that they contain hormones, you will find that organic cat foods will be clearly marked as being hormone free. This is another great way to keep your four legged friend safe from harm.

There are also a number of natural cat food brands that will appear to be nothing but natural ingredients. This does not make them healthy ingredients. That is why it is essential that you do look over each ingredient carefully, or better still, feed organic foods.

As you look over all your options it is a good idea to determine the types of food that your pet enjoys. That way, you don't have to worry about a picky eater or running into other issues as well.

Along with that, make sure the words organic do appear on the package and it should state Certified Organic by the USDA!

Keep in mind that while there are organic food and natural food options available, you will always find organic food the better choice.

While we would suggest organic foods at all times. The needs of your cat can vary.

So be sure you focus on their needs, after all this entire process of giving them a long life, should mean that it is one they are happy living as well.

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