Natural Pet Treats

Make Your Pets Happy And Healthy!

Here at natural-pet— we thrive on finding you the best natural pet treats there are!

We also thrive on sharing all the information we have with you! Why?

Because like you... we are totally dedicated to our family pet members.

We love experimenting with various recipes for natural pet treats that we have found along the way and the great news is that we have some very discriminating taste testers!

Our taste-testers have barked, chirped, meowed and expressed their approval that we trust….

Yet…we do have a confession…

Since all the ingredients we use are human grade, organic, natural and good for anyone…the humans that are writing this website have tasted some themselves and they are truly yummy!

So…let’s get started.

You will get great recipes for homemade food that you can make yourself and share with your pet family!

Plus…Info on the store bought options that we like that you can try as well.

We prefer to make our own because…

  • We know exactly what the ingredients are
  • We can make large batches and freeze some for later
  • They make great gifts and people are always impressed you make your own treats
  • The cost is so much less than commercial brands
  • We can add 2 special ingredients not available in commercial treats…Love and Care

We can hardly wait to share all the great recipes we have collected.

Natural Pet Treats…Six ways to explore making your own natural and organic treats

  • How to Make Dog Treats…is easy once you have the right ingredients on hand. We will help you with some basic ingredient choices and the info you need to make the best organic dog treats that are all natural!
  • In fact...healthy and natural ingredients aren't really that difficult to find. Just knowing the right ones will help you get started making all kinds of dog treat recipes!

  • Homemade Pet Treats…and the ingredients are important for the continued health of your animal. We will list some of the reasons why you should make your own and why organic and natural pet treats are the best choices.
  • Homemade Dog Treat Recipes…are the best in our opinion. We will share 4 of our favorites with you for free. We know you and your family member will love these treats. We love homemade organic dog treats. There is even an organic doggie birthday cake with icing!
  • Recipes for Pet Treats... are easy to make for any type of pet. We will include some recipes for your birds, lizards and fish.
  • Homemade Cat Treats…are fun and easy to make. Our cat expert has some easy and wholesome recipes to share with you.
  • Making your own cat food and treats will make your kitty purrrrr with these quick and easy recipes!

  • Horse Treat Recipes…are also fun and easy to make. Since horses are wonderful and insightful animals why not feed them natural and organic foods. Our horse expert will share some of her favorite horse treat recipes for you to try.

The great thing about making your own organic and natural pet treats is that you get to put a lot of love and care into the process. The way we look at it…it is just another way to show our love for our companions.

We even have more information to share with you!

Since there are a lot of great commercial products on the market and sometimes we run out of our supply of homemade natural pet treats…we do rely on store bought.

Yet…we rely on those that are only organic and natural.

In fact...Kado, Marley and Juno are enjoying a homemade birthday cake recipe for Kado's 13th!

Learn about…

  • All Natural Dog Treats…What better way to love our dogs than by giving them snacks. Wouldn't you agree? You don’t have to deprive your companion of well deserved treats we have 8-tips to help you make smart choices.
  • Organic Dog Treats…are the best to feed your dog. Natural and organic are different classifications of food. We will clarify the mystery and help you choose what is best for your dog.
  • Natural Dog Bones…are plentiful on the market. Although we prefer to make our own. We have 3 free recipes for you that we have used for over 20 years. Our dogs love them!
  • Natural Cat Treats…are available for your furry friend and our cat expert will help you find them plus talk about making homemade snacks.
  • Hamster Treats…are fun to make yourself. We have included 3 of our time tested and favorite recipes. Plus ingredients to avoid when making your own.
  • Complete Dog Food Nutrition is of utmost importance when raising a healthy dog. We will help you decide what ingredients to use.

We are so excited that you are sharing the trend to feeding natural pet treats to your family pet member. Who knows you might even want to start your own business making dog treats...!

They give us so much…let’s give them something made from our hearts…with love!

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