Natural Pet Care

Practical Pet Care For A Naturally Heathy Pet

Do you find it downright mind-boggling about today’s choices for natural pet care?

Or do you already have a naturally healthy pet and are looking for more natural and practical pet care tips for your companion?

Excellent says Jynx the Parson Terrier on the right! You have definitely come to the right place.

At, you will find tons of information for natural pet care and practical pet care tips on how to raise your best friend the way they deserve to be raised…Naturally.

There was a story one of our client’s told about how when she was a child there weren’t choices on what to feed her dog.

They basically fed her Collie leftover meat, gristle, gravy and maybe some potatoes.

Then commercial pet foods began to come on the market and became more widely available.

Choices were limited and definitely questionable nutritional value.

Veterinarians were then telling people that it was unhealthy to feed table scraps. (More on that later…)

The good news is...Our client as an adult and with a new dog was smart…she kept cooking for her dog (the healthy way of course)!)

She refused to give poor quality commercial food. She wanted a healthy dog not a dog that was trying to survive on poor quality kibble.

We love those stories and we look forward to sharing more with you on practical pet care the natural way!

Learn more about…

  • About holistic pet health and pet care pet insurance. Raising a naturally healthy pet can be confusing. We are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Pet Dental Care… when was the last time you brushed you companion’s teeth? For a well-rounded healthy pet this is a great way to implement an alternative pet medicine approach to your routine.
  • 10 tips for finding affordable pet care, affordable pet insurance and online pet medicines.
  • What does it all mean? Definitions of holistic pet health, naturally healthy pet, alternative pet medicine. This gets updated almost weekly so do check back and if there is a word you don’t know email us and we will be happy to help!
  • and more!

Today’s dogs, cats, horses, birds, you-name-it are a lot more fortunate. There are more and more premium foods available.

Types of Premium Foods Available

  • Raw frozen diets
  • Quality Canned foods
  • Quality kibbled foods
  • Nutritionally rich freeze-dried foods
  • Excellent dehydrated selections

You will find that we are devoted to natural pet care, nutrition and most of all the importance of your companion’s health and well being.

Stella the beautiful and sweet Yellow Naped Amazon is chewing on a natural treat that she loves! As you can see she is totally content with her natural treat!

We love it here at when our animals come up to us after eating a delicious meal and give us the most slobbery kiss they can!

To us that is pure joy!

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