Natural Pet Beds

Healthy Alternative for Pets
and the Environment!

Have you ever considered all natural pet beds as an addition to your quest for all natural pet supplies?

All of us at are committed to providing the best possible life for our pets.

Can't you tell by the cutie in the picture? That is Marley at 12 weeks on her organic dog bed...snoozing the day away!


  • We start by feeding our feathered and furry friends natural and organic foods
  • We also use as many other natural products as we can, including natural pet beds, shampoos, flea sprays, toys and medications
  • We even use biodegradable, scoop-able natural cat litter


We do all this to provide our pets with the safest, healthiest living environment possible.

The trend toward choosing natural and organic products is gaining a great deal of worldwide traction. We're all becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits provided by wholesome, chemical-free foods, and we're purchasing more holistic, natural and organic foods than ever before.

The great news is…many pet owners are now realizing their beloved animal friends can also benefit from eating healthy natural or organic pet foods.

Yet… some people aren't quite as aware of the importance of choosing natural and organic products for other aspects of their pet's life.

We want you to know that in addition to their food, you have a number of healthy options for your pet's all natural pet supplies like… dog beds, toys, medications and other supplies.

Why Choose Natural Dog Beds

  • Choosing all natural pet supplies help us reduce the number of harmful substances our friends encounter every day
  • While your pet sleeps, their nose is extremely close to the materials in their bed. Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't have to breathe in a bunch of toxic gases given off by the bed?
  • Made of safe, toxin-free materials instead of chemicals and synthetic materials
  • Even better…you can buy a cozy, comfortable dog bed that's made with organic materials

Wouldn’t you agree?… that this sounds a whole lot healthier for your dog than asking them to sleep with their head on a mound of synthetic foam covered by synthetic fabric?

Sooner or later, toxic gases will be released from all the synthetic substances in the materials many dog beds are made of. When that happens, your dog will breathe in every one of those toxins, and that's not healthy at all.

Instead of exposing your pet to chemical toxins, give them a natural pet bed.

It's important to do what you can to assure your pet's continued good health, and they need and deserve the healthiest living environment possible

You can improve their environment and long-term health by choosing one of the natural pet beds that have been certified as safe

More Reasons for Choosing Natural Dog Beds

  • Many have removable, organic cotton covers while others use natural hemp
  • Dyes are either natural or not used at all
  • The padding inside many natural pet beds is plump and comfy, but certified to be free of a multitude of unhealthy toxic substances

Made with renewable natural materials, dog beds can also help environmentally-aware pet parents reduce their impact on the planet we share.

We highly recommend choosing a natural dog bed - it's healthier for your pet and better for the environment, so you can't go wrong with this choice of all natural pet supplies.

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