Natural Horse Wormers

Does It Really Matter?

Are you looking for natural horse wormers because you are tired of pumping your horse full of toxic chemicals?

Or do you just want to learn more about using natural horse products and think it is a good idea to choose alternative pet medicine for long term health!

After all… worms are parasites, and some of them can be pretty nasty. They can steal your horse's nutrition, suck your horse's blood and transmit some awful diseases.

Okay, so we all agree that no one wants their horse to have worms. That leaves us with the question of what's the best way to prevent or eliminate them once worms go on the attack!

As you might suspect, we believe natural horse products are just as effective as the chemical kind, and they certainly are a whole lot safer for your horse.

One thing’s for sure…The worms inside your horse's gut or in her bloodstream will be killed by chemical wormers, because those products contain powerful toxins that are formulated to do exactly that.

Remember…they're poisons. Depending on the particular product, the active ingredients include chemical tongue-twisters like…

  • Moxedectin
  • Praziquantel
  • Moxedectin plus Praziquantel (how lovely, a double dose)
  • Ivermectin
  • Ivermectin plus Praziquantel (there they go again)
  • Fenbendazole
  • Pyrantel Embonate
  • Mebendazole

And guess what? Those powerful toxins are also toxic to the horse you're trying to protect. How much sense does giving your horse a poison in order to keep her healthy really make?

In short…wouldn’t you agree that a natural horse wormer is a much better choice?

We think the answer so.

Here is Why…

  • They won't poison your horse, but they will kill the worms
  • There won't be any nasty chemicals floating around in your horse's circulatory and digestive systems
  • They are safe for the environment. Chemicals will not be polluting the ground after they've passed through your horse's system
  • They allow your horse's environment - both internal and external - to be much safer and healthier. And that's important for your horse's overall well-being and longevity

The good news is…if you are looking for a horse wormer that uses natural, safe, effective and environmentally-friendly ingredients, then this type of worming product is the perfect solution for alternative pet medicine.

What Are Natural Horse Wormers Made From?

  • Various herbs like wormwood, garlic, aloe, rue and tansy. Do not give wormwood, aloe or rue to pregnant mares
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth which is a powdery natural substance consisting of the fossilized, abrasive shells of a certain type of algae
  • .

The great news is that…both ingredients are considered to be natural horse products that use alternative pet medicine principles to eliminate your horse's internal parasites not harmful chemicals.

In fact, diatomaceous earth kills worms by dehydration. The razor sharp edge cuts through the outer skeleton of a parasite and then absorbs their body fluids.

Not only does it not involve any toxic chemicals, there is nothing for worms to become resistant or immune to like the chemicals we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

That is great news for the long term health of our horses! Because as you know as a loving horse owner our ponies are pumped up with way to many chemicals.

Plus…A natural horse wormer using diatomaceous earth is deadly to worms, but not to people, plants, your horse, your dog, your cat or anything else - including the environment.

And plant-based natural horse wormers (the type that use herbal ingredients) are also non-toxic to everything other than the parasites you're trying to eliminate.

What could possibly be better? Nothing! That is why we can only come up with one con that isn’t really that bad because in the long run your vet bills will probably be less because you are choosing to use natural horse products.

The only real drawback of natural horse wormers is their cost - sometimes their price is slightly higher than chemical wormers.

You can get around this issue by buying your natural horse wormer and other supplies online, because many reputable online shops have reasonable prices and even run occasional sales.

Yet…even if you end up having to pay slightly more for natural horse wormers than the nasty chemical type, your horse, your dog, your cat, other people - and the environment - are worth it.

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