Natural Horse Halters

Natural horse halters are effective and comfy.

You would probably agree that horses are truly magnificent animals, and every horse deserves only the best.

Fortunately… there are great ways for us to keep our majestic horses healthy.  Natural, holistic, organic feed is a prime example because it's packed full of nature's goodness and using holistic pet supplies is another.

There are also many holistic pet care supplies on the market today that won't poison your horses with artificial chemicals and synthetics that could be harmful to their health.

Natural Horse Halters and more

The good news is… using this training method along with other natural horse training supplies like lead ropes, longe lines and so forth are a great way to add to your list of holistic pet supplies and general pet care supplies list.

Here are some of the facts that will make you want to join all the people who say natural horse halters are some of the best tack they could possibly use to train their horses…

Here’s why…

  • This might be stating the obvious, but they are made of natural rope materials like sisal or 100% cotton. No nasty chemicals or synthetic materials will be anywhere near your horse's eyes, ears, nose or mouth when you use a natural horse halter, so your horse won't be exposed to any toxins while wearing one.

  • They're the ultimate in comfort for your horse. Natural materials are lightweight, silky-smooth and soft on your horse's skin. They don't make any compromises regarding their strength, though. They're firm under pressure and soft when the pressure is released

  • High quality halters are made of one continuous length of rope which has been hand-tied. Their strategically placed knots make them effective training aids while still being comfortable for your horse to wear. They're available with either two knots or four knots over the pressure points on the nose.

  • They don't use any metal hardware, so there's nothing to break and nothing to injure your horse. If the halter happens to loosen up or come untied, you simply re-tie it!

  • They're effective training aids. The fit and design of high quality natural horse halters allows you to send clear signals to your horse when you're training with natural methods. Some horses lean into a wide harness, a behavior which detracts from your ability to communicate with them effectively. Most are thin, and they teach horses to yield to their own pressure instead of the counter-productive behavior they learn with a wide harness.

  • They're adjustable and offer an excellent fit. Their knots can be tightened or loosened as needed

  • They are available in a wide range of sizes. This means you and your horse can benefit from all the advantages of natural tack whether you have a pony, a miniature horse, a 17-hand warmblood stallion or a massive draft horse. They are even available in a size and configuration that's been designed specifically for Arabians.

One thing’s for sure…natural horse halters are the most important tack you can buy for your horses.

Finding one that fits properly will help you train your horse, but it's also important to find one that's comfortable.

Natural horse halters meet both those qualifications admirably, and they offer a significant number of benefits for you and your horse. Use Mother Nature to your advantage: natural training methods and natural tack go hand in hand and are simply the best!

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