Natural Horse Feed

Natural Horse Products ... Free and Easy Recipes

Natural horse feed is on the top of our list when choosing natural horse products!

Wouldn’t you like to… save money…ensure a healthier diet…and discover a happier horse by feeding your friend, like Chessy in the picture, a natural product?

Great! We are so happy then to share with you an easier way to provide organic pet foods for your pony.

Let’s get started by skipping the processed grains and feeds.

Unfortunately and sadly manufacturers of horse feed want us to really believe that a processed food is better than feeding a homemade natural horse feed.

Well…because we advocate natural, holistic, healthy and organic pet foods for all our companions…we tend not to fall for that type of advertising.

Now, there are some super quality organic and natural horse products on the market that we use and recommend . We use these when we are running short on time.

  • Wysong
  • Modesto Milling Products
  • Genesis Organic Horse Feed

Yet! We like to save money and ensure a healthier diet for our horses by skipping the processed grains and feeds by providing organic whole grains and quality organic hay!

So why is feeding a natural horse product like whole grains along with fresh grass, hay and water important?

  • Whole grain foods are healthier for humans to eat – We have heard that from our healthcare providers, media and nutritionists for years. So why not feed our horses with organic or natural whole grains like oats and corn? Makes sense right?
  • Pellets, commercial grain mixes that have been cracked, rolled, crimped, steamed, popped or flaked are not considered whole grains. It should state on the container “whole grains”
  • Whole grains that you can buy and mix yourself are lower in cost than commercial feed.
  • Feeding unprocessed foods allows you to inspect the quality very closely. Food dripping in molasses or packed into a pellet can hide a lot
  • Whole grains that have not been processed still have their protective coating and will last much longer without going rancid
  • Keeping them whole ensures that the nutrients are still present like B Vitamins, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • Yes, it is true that commercial grains mixes are balanced with vitamins and minerals , and fortified. Yet, you can add those nutrients yourself with organic pet food supplements made by Wysong.

2 – Natural Horse Feed Recipes…use organic ingredients if you can!

These mixtures are recommended by the Merck Veterinarian Manual (MVM). The MVM gives veterinarians and other animal health professionals a concise and reliable information about tons of topics.

First Free Recipe Here is the first recipe for your horse. It has a 12% protein content and is balanced with the necessary vitamin and mineral nutrients. This is a basic feed for non-working animals.

  • 40% corn
  • 40% oats
  • 20% alfalfa

Second Free Recipe This recipe is for high-performance horses

  • 10% split dried peas
  • 35% oats
  • 35% corn
  • 20% alfalfa
  • 2 oz ground flaxseed per day for omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin E and selenium supplement
  • Mineral supplement

We hope these basic recipes help start you on the way to feeding a natural horse feed. Feeding organic pet foods are so rewarding.

Your horses will come running fast and furious for their homemade food…just like ours!

natural horse feed and product

The great thing is that feeding a natural horse product that has great nutritional value can help your horse tremendously. From the inside out!

Remember that like all animals each horse is unique. Finding the right balance for your animal’s needs are important. Once you find the right balance you will be rewarded with a healthy horse for many, many years.

One of our best moments here at is when after our horses are done munching away they come up to us and give us a huge sticky lick!

To us that is pure joy!

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