Natural Holistic Dog Food

Natural holistic dog food is a great solution for choosing a great food for your companion.

Like you many responsible dog owners try their best to give their pets a healthy, nutritionally complete and natural holistic dog food.

Ou dogs eating natural holistic dog food

Often, their dog's food is selected with the same careful consideration they use when choosing the food their human family members eat. They go to the supermarket, read the labels (which can be difficult to fully understand unless you're a chemist) and then select the holistic dog foods they think sounds the healthiest.

Ultimately, though, the lists of ingredients on supermarket dog food labels confuse many owners, and in the end, they just choose one that claims it's "nutritionally complete and balanced" and/or "scientifically formulated."

Does this all sound familiar?

Well, as it turns out… supermarket dog food - even brands that claim they're "nutritionally complete" or "scientific" - are loaded with chemicals, artificial additives and other unwholesome ingredients. Even some of the brands that claim to be a natural holistic dog food!

Plus did you know?…the same is even true for the more expensive, so-called "premium" brands that are sold in grocery stores!

So, if you want your dog to enjoy a natural holistic dog food, don't buy their food at the supermarket.

Instead, look for holistic dog foods, because it will contain wholesome, healthy ingredients. Some might even be considered a natural organic dog food which is even better because it is heavily regulated by the USDA.

Remember the overall health and well-being of your dog depends heavily on the quality of the food they eat. We can't emphasize the importance of a high quality diet strongly enough. But what makes a dog food "natural," and what makes it "holistic”?

Natural Dog Food

  • Natural means a substance that is found in or produced by nature.
  • AAFCO (the American Association of Feed Control Officials) defines "natural" dog food as containing only ingredients derived from animal, plant or mined sources, which are not produced by or subjected to chemically synthetic processing and do not contain chemically synthetic additives.
  • That means no BHA, no BHT, no propylene glycol or anything else synthetic.
  • No artificial coloring, synthetic flavor enhancers or preservatives.
  • Nothing manmade, except some synthetic vitamins and minerals that help ensure a consistent level of nutrition.

Holistic Dog Food

  • Holistic dog food is manufactured with the whole, complete dog in mind rather than their individual parts. In other words, it takes into account the interrelationship between your dog's body, mind and spirit, covering all of your dog's needs.
  • Unlike supermarket food, it doesn't just fill your dog's belly - its easily digested, wholesome ingredients can help prevent skin ailments, digestive issues and joint problems.
  • Holistic dog food contains all-natural, human-grade ingredients, including hormone-free real meat, fruits and veggies, probiotics, essential vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, and natural skin and coat conditioners.

To be honest… there probably isn't much difference between a natural dog food and one that's holistic.

Most holistic dog food manufacturers take pride in the fact that their products are "natural." So for now, let's just refer to these foods as "natural holistic dog foods."

The Pros and Cons of Feeding Holistic Dog Food

Dogs raised on organic dog food

The list of disadvantages is short… expense and more restricted availability.

Natural holistic dog food costs more than supermarket dog food, and you can't buy it everywhere. You'll need to go to a reputable pet store or buy it online, because you won't find it in a grocery store.

Plus…it is not considered to be a natural organic dog food. This type of food must have a stamp of approval on the bag or can from the USDA. The United States Department of Agriculture has very strict rules for this claim.

In contrast, the list of advantages is quite long…

  • This type of food has higher digestibility.
  • So smaller, firmer stools and fewer digestive problems like diarrhea.
  • Less vomiting, and fewer coat and skin problems caused by allergic reactions.
  • It's not even as expensive as you might think, because the high digestibility and nutritional value of natural holistic dog food means you can feed your dog much smaller amounts than they would need if they were eating supermarket food.

Our four-legged kids are so important to us. We want the best lives for them that is why it is important to choose the best dog food you can.

We at prefer organic dog food but high quality holistic dog foods are great as well.

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