Choose Natural Dog Toys

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Every dog owner knows that dogs love to chew so buying natural dog toys rather than one made from toxic materials makes sense.  Wouldn’t you agree?

We want the best for our pets so natural and organic pet care supplies and food is at the top of our list.

Why Should You Buy Natural Dog Toys?

It is a great question and one we asked over 20 years ago too.  Here is what we found out.

Did you know that commercially manufactured pet products are made mostly with harmful synthetic fibers?

So… If a dog chews and eats toys made of harmful chemicals they are actually ingesting this into their bodies.

Which may cause health problems in the future.

Plus, the companies that make these toxic toys and pet care supplies are polluting the environment making it unhealthy for not only our dogs, but the rest of our family as well!

You can get peace of mind…now by throwing away all those toxic toys and commit to buying only holistic pet supplies.

We had to replace Marley's tennis balls with organic wool dog balls.  She didn't mind.

This way you know you are providing the very best pet care supplies you can.

By using natural and organic products you will improve the quality of life for you, your pet and the environment.

By now are you wondering…

What are Natural Dog Toys?

They are…

  • Made from 100% chemical free materials
  • Well constructed and safe for your dog
  • Not made with vinyl or PVC
  • Healthy and natural with health benefits if they are made to eat
  • Able to keep their minds active and entertained for hours

Did you know?  That recently there has been a lot more concern that some pet care supplies, namely toys, are toxic to you, your dog and the environment?

Especially those made of vinyl and PVC.  Both of these materials are toxic and the production of these materials is extremely harmful to the environment.

We always call the manufacturer of the toys we are interested in to see what materials are used. 

That way we know we are fully practicing the best holistic dog care we can and are only buying natural pet care supplies.

Remember…buy only those toys marked as natural, organic and free of toxic chemicals.

Why Provide Natural Dog Toys

  • Playing and chewing on a natural rope is great for teeth and gums
  • Playing tug-o-war with a natural rope is great for exercise and mind stimulation
  • Playing fetch with balls made of natural materials is also a great way to get exercise and interact with your dog

We even replaced the plastic swimming pool with trips to the local river and lake!

Some Materials To Look For...

  • Hemp canvas or cloth
  • Organic cotton, wool and other materials
  • Fabrics that are un-dyed
  • Wool that is processed without harsh chemicals
  • Organic cotton fleece
  • Even soy and bamboo!

Dog toys are important for healthy temperament and well being for a happy life.

Take a close look at your dogs’ collection and see if anything could possibly harm your companion.

If so please replace them with natural dog toys that are organic and safe for your pet.

You can buy them on-line or from a local pet shop.  Remember to read the labels and if you have a question call the manufacturer.

Toys are significant to our companion’s happiness and stability…let’s provide them with the best holistic dog care we can!

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