Natural Dog Remedies

Alternative Pet Care You Can Do At Home

Natural dog remedies that you can provide at home are a great way to provide alternative pet medicine and holistic medicine for dogs.

As long as it is not a serious condition you can treat minor health conditions at home without going to a veterinarian.

Yet…if you have more serious or chronic health issue with your dog we recommend seeing a holistic veterinarian for the best alternative pet medicine advice.

Then you can carry on with the natural dog remedies that he or she provided for your companion.

Reasons for using natural dog remedies…

  • Holistic medicine for dogs’ health or alternative pet medicine does not rely on an assortment of toxic chemicals to return your dog to good health. Conventional medicine does rely on toxic chemicals.
  • Alternative pet medicine believes in natural and believes in the potent healing powers of herbs and flowers. They use natural substances to boost your dog’s immune system to restore him or her health. These methods are gentle.
  • Using natural methods is a healthy, effective natural alternative to conventional chemical medications and is much better for your dog’s long-term health and well-being, the environment and you.

Some Minor Health Issues That Can Be Helped With Natural Dog Remedies…

  • Joint and muscle issues
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Skin allergies
  • Skin and coat issues
  • Acute first aid

When your dog is suffering from a health issue it is far better to treat with alternative pet medicine.

The long term effects from using commercial ingredients, chemical or medicines do have side effects.

You have seen the commercials for drugs on TV. Prescription drugs can cause…

  • Cancer
  • Heart problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Skin problems
  • Personality issues
  • Liver damage
  • Even death

This is also the case with drugs that are given to our animals!

So if your health issue isn’t that serious you can use various natural dog remedies to keep your best companion healthy.

And if your dog has a serious health problem a visit to a veterinarian that treats using holistic medicine for dogs is the best thing to do to avoid long term negative drug effects on your dog’s health.

Are you wondering what some of these natural pet remedies are? The list is huge and we do cover a lot in this website so please explore and enjoy. Here are a few we would like to share with your now.

They include ingredients that you probably have at home…

  • Allergies…we make sure our dog’s get a high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil every day. Fatty acid supplements reduce inflammation which allergies cause.
  • Bad Breath…the best is to feed an organic dog food and over time the bad breath should go away. Brushing the teeth is another dog remedy and making sure your dog has regular check-ups.
  • Ear Infections… are prevented by mixing 50% alcohol and 50% water and use a cotton ball to wipe out the dirt and fluid. We use it before our dogs hit the lake!
  • Vomiting…we keep a homeopathic remedy on hand called Nux Vomica 30X and give that to our dogs when they eat something they shouldn’t…you know the rest.

We hope you enjoy all this great information and these natural remedies that are healthy and effective - what could possibly be better for your dog?

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