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Feeding your dog a high-quality, natural dog food diet can really make a difference in your pet's overall health, happiness and longevity!

If you search the Internet you'll find plenty of stories about dogs that were made ill or failed to thrive after being fed some pretty well-known brands of dog food. When these owners switched to feeding their dogs a natural dog food diet, their pets became healthier very quickly.

So what's the scoop? Many dog food manufacturers claim their food is scientifically formulated and nutritionally complete, so how could a natural dog food possibly be better for your dog?

Many commercial dog foods are made with a number of unsavory and potentially unhealthy ingredients, including animal by-products, bone meal and an assortment of artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings and other chemical additives.

Even the meat used in many dog foods is often considered unsafe for human consumption, in some cases coming from diseased animals. Ugh!

That's certainly not what you want to feed your canine companion. And consuming all those chemicals and artificial ingredients can't possibly be healthy.

What is a Natural Dog Food Diet?

In contrast, natural dog food is just that - it's 100% natural. No antibiotics, pesticides, artificial preservatives, chemical flavorings, artificial colorings or other synthetic additives.

The absence of these unnatural ingredients is what makes feeding your dog a healthy natural diet important, not to mention much more appealing. Natural dog food is healthier and more digestible than ordinary commercially available dog food.

What is Organic Dog Food?

Some of you might be a bit unclear about the difference between feeding your dog a natural diet and an organic diet. Basically, all organic dog food is natural, but not all natural dog food is organic.

Keep in mind… says Buck the Rottweiller mix pictured on the left, that organic foods must meet stringent governmental standards. The term “certified organic” must be on the bag.

Natural dog food (both organic and non-organic) does not contain any synthetic preservatives, artificial flavorings or color.

It also does not typically contain the infamous "animal by-products" that are so often listed on the packaging of lesser quality commercial dog food. These distasteful and often unhealthy ingredients can include anything from feet, feathers and organs to fatty tissues.

Natural and organic dog food have much healthier ingredients than cheap brands.

Organic dog food is also natural and shares all the characteristics of its natural dog food cousins…yet!…it must meet strict guidelines to insure the public that their food and products have been grown without toxic inputs.

Yet… The main distinction between an organic natural dog food diet and a diet consisting of non-organic natural dog food is whether the ingredients are "organic."

This is a simple little word, but the concept is slightly more complex and the distinction is significant.

It's become fashionable for people and their pets to eat organic foods, but "organic" is much more than a fancy, fashionable label or some short-lived fad.

Important fact… Organic natural dog food consists of human-grade meat and other healthy ingredients from farms that are certified as using strictly organic techniques, including scrupulously avoiding the use of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones.

At the least… you can decrease the chances that your pet will experience allergies, dermatitis, hair loss, intestinal upsets and an array of other health issues by feeding your dog a naturally healthy dog food.

Plus! You just might avoid some of these issues altogether by giving your dog organic dog food. Your dog will be healthier and have stronger immunity against disease, and you'll know you're providing the best possible opportunity for your dog to live a long, healthy, happy life.

What could be better?

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