Natural Choice Cat Food

The Right Choice For Your Cat?

Natural Choice Cat Food is sitting at the top of the list of the more healthy dry food choices that you are going to find. Yet…here are some questions you might have!

  • Is it really a natural cat food or are there ingredients that aren’t so great?
  • Is it on the organic pet foods list?
  • Do they offer a great adult cat food as well as one for kittens and special needs?

Great questions…they are the same questions we had before we did our research.

Let’s get to answering them!

Question 1 –Is it really a natural cat food or are there ingredients that aren’t so great?

As with most other natural cat foods, you're going to find that the first ingredient is meat or meat by-product, but the second ingredient is corn meal, a filler. This means that while your Natural Choice Cat food will be helpful in maintaining a solid diet for your cat, it does contain some elements that you could beat if you chose to use a homemade diet or an organic cat food.

So, yes it is natural but watch those fillers….

Question 2 – Is it on the organic pet foods list?

No..Yet, it is also among the healthiest of the dry foods that you're going to find despite the fact that Natural Choice cat food is not an organic food, but a natural food instead.

What’s the difference?

Basically natural just means it does provide the essential vitamins and minerals that your cat will need to remain healthy.

The manufacturer promises that the product has no artificial ingredients, added color and is minimally processed. The label must explain the use of the term natural.

Organic means that the growing of produce, meat and the manufacturing of the organic cat food must be done without the use of synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other synthetic components, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or radiation. The product should be stamped Certified Organic by the USDA.

Question 3 -- Do they offer a great adult cat food as well as one for kittens and special needs?

Natural Choice cat food also offers you a diverse number of different natural healthy cat foods for the growing and changing lifestyles and ages of your cat.

Dry Formulas that they offer…

  • Indoor Healthy Growth Kitten
  • Healthy Growth Kitten
  • Indoor Active Health Adult
  • Active Health Adult
  • Indoor Active Health Adult Oceanfish Flavor
  • Active Healthy Adult Oceanfish Flavor
  • Indoor Healthy Weight Adult
  • Healthy Weight Adult
  • Indoor Healthy Weight Adult Oceanfish Flavor
  • Mature Health Senior
  • Indoor Mature Health Senior

They also offer lots of flavors in their wet canned food for kittens, adults and seniors.

The Natural Choice cat food company honestly cares about what they feed to pets by the ingredients and additives of vitamins and minerals that you see in the cat food they supply.

The life cycle choices they made for the various cat ages in order to assure a healthy food for adult cats, good quality food for kittens, and specific healthy

Choosing Natural Cat Food

With a proper nutritional diet and a healthy lifestyle, the food that you feed your cat will change over the course of his or her life.

This means that what is appropriate for a kitten is not appropriate for your adult cat or your overweight or inside cat. Each will have unique needs that can be addressed.

Natural Choice cat food has done so in an easy and convenient way that will offer you the healthiest food for your cat’s age and weight.

A healthy diet for your cat features good nutrition and some natural choices as well as some organic food.

Much as you want to give your family the best diet that you can to keep them at optimal health and optimal weight, the same applies to your pet.

Healthy pet food can be found in some market brands, but you do need to weigh the ingredients just as you would for your own family. And please do not buy the cheap brands!

Because of all the various cat food brands and the wide array of ingredients that go into the cat foods that you will buy, the Natural Choice Cat food stands out as clearly one of the best alternatives. One thing to keep in mind.

If you purchase cheap cat food, you're quite likely not going to get healthy cat food.

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