Natural and Organic Cat food

What's the Difference?

How many times have you heard about natural and organic cat food and wondered what those words meant?

If you are like most…you hear those different terms all the time, but what do they really mean?

Some Questions You May Have

Is one a lot better than the other? Which one is the more nutritional food and why? Does all natural mean a better choice or does organic food offer better food value for your pet cat care options?

These questions and so many more are among the questions that we all ask when it comes to the best things to feed to our cat friends.

Pets are more to most of us than just furred animals.

In most cases... they are your family member and best friend! So of course you want to give them your best.

The best includes both natural foods as well as organic cat foods, depending on how well you select them and how well you investigate them.

No worries…we are here to help make it easier.

The Difference Between Natural and Organic Cat Food

  • The rules change according to how you label the foods that you're getting.
  • Natural pet food is food that is comprised of all natural materials. Yet is not USDA regulated.
  • Organic pet food is strongly regulated by the USDA.

Now… that does sound particularly positive and this regulation is a good thing.

Why? The government does not require regulations with natural food. So, foods which are all natural may be labeled as natural foods even if they have been grown or prepared in the presence of things such as pesticides and other things which may not be in the best interests of your family.

In addition, all natural substances simply shouldn’t have items such as artificial flavoring or artificial coloring added to them. While this is a positive thing, there are still no regulations.

Natural items shouldn’t have anything artificial added to them while organic foods, according to the USDA, must be grown and processed in a different way in order to qualify to use the organic labeling.

Organic Food Regulations

  • Organic foods need to have certain things in order to be labeled as organic.
  • Organic foods must be grown in a given way, using all natural ingredients which have been grown and processed in a given way in order to use the organic labeling.
  • These items require certain methods not only when growing but also production.

The Natural and Organic labeling can both be very positive and also very nutritionally sound for your pet cat care.

We recommend choosing a top quality cat food and read the ingredients on the label so that you are sure that you've got the best quality all natural and organic cat food for your feline friends.

We offer tons of information on this website for you to explore on this topic. Please enjoy with your furred family member sleeping on your lap.

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