Horse Massage

Equine Massage As An Alternative Pet Medicine

Like massage therapy for humans, horse massage has tremendous benefits for your equine as an alternative pet medicine.

Did you know? This form of alternative pet medicine isn’t just great for you but it can offer the same benefits to your equine athlete, senior or pet.

Since you are a horse owner you probably know that horses are incredible and may use natural horse products as the way to take care of your animals. They are huge powerful animals that hold a very special place in our hearts.

By providing regular horse massage for you companion, show animal or working equine you will insure a longer, happier and healthier performance and life.

Benefits…Here are the benefits from the founder of this website who is a certified horse massage therapist as well as a licensed people massage therapist for over 11 years.

  • Increases circulation so it helps with blood flow. This definitely helps the athletic horse, working horse or the senior with aching joints
  • Toxins build up in active and inactive horses’ bodies. Equine massage removes toxins from their muscles and blood
  • Increases range of motion of the joints
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Increase muscle flexibility which allows for ease of motion
  • Relieves tight muscles which can cause pain
  • Stress relief for behavioral issues

There are so many benefits for giving an equine massage. There are even more that are more specific to your horse that we would love to hear about.

One that is very special to us is the bond that is created over time. Gaining the trust and loyalty of a horse can’t be beat.

A little story…the founder of this site has horse clients that live on land that is far from any road so they are able to pretty much able to safely graze free.

When she pulls into the farm the horses come running and wait until she gets out of her truck. They then follow her to the barn waiting for their massages.

They don’t do this for anyone else!

We hope this story leaves you with the desire to try some equine massage and to switch to natural horse products on your horses.

Tips for giving a horse massage…

  • Take it slow these are large animals and you could get hurt
  • Be aware of your horse’s body language
  • Stay alert and positive
  • Be quiet and limit talking to others in the barn
  • Do not force a massage on your horse

Horse Activities That Benefit From A Massage?

  • Hunting and Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Barrel Racing
  • Hacking
  • Racing
  • Logging
  • Farm Work
  • Pulling

Simple Equine Massage Sequence

  • For the ears use your thumb and index finger and gently massage the edges of the ears
  • Gentle grasp the tissue under the mane and rock back and forth slowly
  • Place the palms of your hands on the body and gently press inward with compressions over the entire body
  • For the back use long even pressured arm motions down the spine
  • Squeeze each leg working up from the hoof to the body
  • Finish with slow tail circles
  • Do not to rush and move slow

Remember, horse ownership has lots of responsibilities and many more rewards. Keeping your horse ready for maximum performance can be easily done with horse massage as an alternative pet medicine.

Their bodies demand a lot and they have huge muscles that need to be taken care of. Equine massage is a great way to go.

Some things to remember

  • Get a proper diagnosis from a holistic veterinarian
  • Go to a certified animal massage therapist
  • A people massage therapist does not have the proper training for working on animals. They could do harm as the horse’s anatomy is very different.

Equine massage is great…try it for you equine and see the increased results!

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