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Yet…you may be asking what is holistic pet medicine, alternative pet medicine, homeopathic medicine and integrative pet medicine?

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  • Pet flea medication…Finding a non-toxic pet flea medication can be tough. We at gonaturalpet.com have searched and searched for an alternative pet medicine for these nasty creatures. We have found solutions and you can buy pet medication online to control and eliminate fleas. Everyone who's owned a dog or cat knows this can be a big problem, and not just for the pet!
  • Pet allergy medication...Do you have questions about using a natural pet allergy medication? Dealing with this issue can be a mystery in itself. You can find practical pet care tips in this article.
  • Homeopathic pet medicine... Have you heard about homeopathic pet medicine and are you wondering what it means and how it works? Find the answers to your questions here.
  • Pet medications without a prescription...Pet medications without a prescription are readily available for many symptoms that may be plaguing your companion. Find out what they can treat and why.
  • Natural dog remedies...Natural dog remedies that you can provide at home are a great way to provide alternative pet medicine and holistic pet medicine for dogs. We have great information for you.
  • Holistic medicine for dogs...There are many forms of holistic medicine for dogs that are readily available to you and your companion. Learn about alternative pet medicines that can offer many different types of natural dog remedies.
  • Natural medicine for cat...Natural medicine for cat health provides the perfect alternative pet medicine option to conventional medication. Learn why this practical pet care approach is the best for your kitty.
  • Natural pet pharmaceuticals...Are you looking for help with your questions about natural pet pharmaceuticals? If you are considering alternative pet medicine we're here to help you answer your questions about natural pet pharmaceuticals and how you can buy pet medication online.
  • Natural horse wormers...Have you tried natural horse wormers yet? They work great and are not toxic to your pony.Add this natural horse product to your alternative pet medicine kit!
  • Dog arthritis treatment...Do you have questions about whether to use conventional dog arthritis treatment or holistic medicine for dogs? This can be a difficult decision as we have been there. Here is how we can help when choosing conventional or holistic pet medicine!
  • Dog massage...is our favorite. Our founder has been a certified canine and equine massage therapist for over 11 years. Find out how you can help your dog with a dog massage designed done at home.
  • Cat massage... is tricky but it can be done. The benefits are tremendous for your fur ball. Learn how and why.
  • Horse massage...for your pet, athlete, senior or working horse offers much relief from a variety of concerns. Learn a simple technique for equine massage for a holistic pet medicine choice.
  • Pet arthritis medicine...Finding healthy pet arthritis medicine really isn’t that difficult. Like people, our cats, dogs and horses can suffer from this painful condition. Learn about the types of arthritis and how you can treat using holistic medicine.

Let’s get started…with some definitions.

  • Holistic pet medicine…is not a specific form of treatment or therapy. It is best described as a way of viewing your companion as a whole and then making a diagnosis.
  • What does that mean? Every symptom, every problem, every issue is looked into as a diagnostic tool. Different symptoms are not treated as a unique and isolated disease.

    This form of treatment looks for the root of the entire imbalance.

    It does not exclude conventional veterinarian medicine. Doctors will look at blood tests, x-rays and other conventional methods.

  • Alternative pet medicine…are therapies such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, massage and energy medicine.
  • They are very effective when combined with conventional veterinarian medicine methods.

  • Homeopathy…is based on a medical system of “law of similars.”
  • Preparations are given that are highly diluted which cause certain symptoms in healthy individuals and given to patients that already show similar symptoms when a certain health condition is being experienced.

    Learn great tips on what homeopathic pet medicine is for a variety of different aliments that your pet may be suffering from.

  • Integrative pet medicine…is when alternative therapies are used with or in addition to conventional veterinarian therapies.
  • This is a really great approach because you can benefit from the best of conventional treatments and alternative treatments.

We are really excited here at gonaturalpet.com with providing you with the best information possible. We have years of experience treating our own animals with many different types of therapies.