Best Holistic Dog Foods

How To Choose Healthy Dog Foods
For Your Best Friend

Did you know? More and more owners are turning to using the best holistic dog foods they can for their natural organic dog food choices.

Marley in the picture is 9 years old and has been raised on the best dog food since she was born. She looks great even after a 12 mile hike with her people.

Holistic Dog Food

It's a trend that is much more than a short-lived New Age fad. In fact, you might want to consider joining them, because the quality and types of ingredients in this type of food give you plenty of reasons.

Although many of these types of food have certain ingredients in common, there is no fixed list of specific ingredients that make a particular dog food be holistic. Instead, it's an insistence that all the ingredients are wholesome and healthy.

Keep in mind...Many dog food companies claim their products can help your dog stay healthy and consider themselves to produce the best healthy dog foods on the market.

They tout their "scientific formulations," but holistic dog foods actually deliver on that claim by focusing on your dog's health and overall well-being. By understanding how your dog's body, mind and spirit interact, holistic dog food manufacturers are able to select ingredients which promote a balanced, healthy whole.

Did you know? They believe your dog's food affects every aspect of his mental and physical well-being, and their products are made keeping that key concept in mind. As a result, they are careful to use only wholesome ingredients which provide healthy, balanced nutrition and some even offer natural organic dog food choices.

Remember…When you're shopping for dog food, look at the ingredients listed on the packages.

The presence of certain things will be a dead giveaway that the food you're looking at is not holistic.

Although they are far from being wholesome, these ingredients are in most, if not all, of the brands sold in your local supermarket.

What Not To Feed!

For the sake of your dog's health, it's best to avoid any dog food that contains one or more of the following ingredients…

  • Whole, ground or crushed corn, corn meal, corn glutens, soybean meal and similar low-quality sources of protein. Your dog needs protein, but these ingredients are a poor substitute for high-quality meat or
  • Animal byproducts such as feathers, hooves and other body parts, along with diseased tissue. These ingredients do provide no nutrition, but once again they are a poor substitute for high quality meat or poultry. And, the thought of your cherished canine companion eating these "substances" is unsavory at best.
  • Chemical preservatives such as BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin. They can potentially lead to liver disease and other health issues. Enough said.
  • Artificial food coloring. Your dog doesn't care what color(s) their food is. These chemicals are added for the sole purpose of making a dog food more visually appealing to owners.

Say Yes To The Following Ingredients!

Wholesome, healthy, holistic dog foods don't contain any of these unhealthy ingredients. Look for the types of ingredients below…

Healthy dog food
  • High quality meat or poultry as the food's source of protein. These ingredients are far superior to the soybeans, corn, grain and/or animal byproducts used by most supermarket dog food.
  • Natural preservatives like Vitamins E and C instead of synthetic BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. The fewer artificial, chemical ingredients a food contains, the better.
  • The correct types and amounts of the fats, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to remain healthy.
  • Look for natural organic dog food manufacturer. If it is organic it will have a special stamp from the USDA.

Typically, beef, lamb or chicken is the first ingredient listed on a package of holistic dog food, meaning there is more meat in the food than any other ingredient.

Did you know? Most supermarket dog food lists grains as the predominant ingredient. Which do you prefer for your dog?

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