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Holistic Dog Foods Choices

Holistic Blend Pet Food is another all natural pet food that is on our list for choosing holistic dog foods. You will find that many dog owners, breeders and holistic veterinarians love this food!

Yet…that we like what this all natural dog food company’s philosophy is when formulating their foods for our beloved companions.

The Holistic Blend Pet Food….philosophy

  • If we can’t eat it…why should our pets!
  • They promise to provide the quality in all their foods because they understand health and vitality needs for all pets.

  • Their natural pet food exceeds human grade standards!
  • All pet foods must meet standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

    Yet…these standards let animal by-products be used as well as slaughterhouse waste that contains mercury and lead.

    They guarantee they manufacture their products to exceed these guidelines so they are fit for human consumption.

    Every ingredient that goes in Holistic Blend Pet Food has no chemicals, animal by-products, added salt, added sugar, artificial color or flavors, fillers or binders.

    They also use only non-allergenic ingredients such as corn, wheat and soy.

  • Canada’s premier natural pet food
  • They were the first company in Canada to produce holistic dog foods.

  • Does not test ingredients on animals
  • Approved by veterinarians both conventional and holistic
  • Believe that all pets should have the opportunity to enjoy natural pet food
  • By feeding holistic dog food that is both tasty and nutritional, without the concerns from supermarket brands.

    They stand by their promise…

  • Minimal processed ingredients
  • Cooked at low temperature
  • High bio-availability from chelated minerals and whole foods
  • 3 sources of meat protein, Lamb, Chicken and wild Salmon
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics
  • No artificial additives, colors or flavors
  • No BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin
  • No refined sugars, molasses, corn syrup or salt
  • No beet pulp
  • No animal testing
  • Made with two sources of DHA brain building foods, Salmon and flax
  • Do you find this impressive like we do at gonaturalpet.com?

    Yet… we still prefer to feed an organic pet foods and holistic dog foods that we prepared ourselves. Then we really know what goes into our pet kid’s tummies.

    If you can’t prepare you own food there are 4 dry food choices for your companion.

  • Lamb and Rice dry
  • Chicken, Rice and Vegetable dry
  • Grain Free All Life Stage dry food
  • The Healthy Dog dry food made with chicken and white fish
  • This company also offers two canned selections to use as a “side dish”

    The good news… these are organic pet foods!

  • Fresh Fruit and Veggies canned
  • Poultry blend canned
Holistic blend dog food gave this dog a beautiful coat on

Nutritional organic pet foods are important to our dog kids. Feeding natural pet food is a way of life for not only our pets but is also important for the rest of our family as well.

We at gonaturalpet.com have tried many of the good quality holistic dog foods on the market and we always get the question… “How do you decide which one to feed?”

Our honest answer for feeding natural pet food

  • Every pet is an individual
  • Try different foods to see how your companion reacts
  • Try formulating your own recipes or try some of the recipes for dog food on this site

Our philosophy is that a healthy dog is a happy dog…and one that will live a fabulous life!

We hope you agree…

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