Healthy Pet Food Recipes Tips

You might be asking…Is preparing healthy pet food recipes worth it? We at believe it is.

Once you get the hang of it, feeding organic pet foods, a natural pet food or creating natural dog food recipes isn’t really that time consuming!

In fact…we have found it to be economical, fun and easy.

Plus, you get the added bonus of organic pet foods being extremely healthy for your pet.

Although some folks might have come to accept commercial foods as being normal and natural ways to feed our pets and ourselves….

The truth is…they are not. Commercially prepared food is just what we have gotten used to.

The good news is that this is changing rapidly in the pet industry and we are finding more of our clients wanting healthy food for their animals that they can prepare themselves.

4 Benefits For Making Healthy Pet Food Recipes

  1. Health issues such as ear problems, allergies, skin problems, etc may disappear
  2. You decide and choose all the ingredients that go into your natural pet food…nothing is hidden
  3. You will save money by preparing your own organic pet foods
  4. You can save time by making a large amount of natural pet food and then freezing for future use

Healthy Pet Food Recipes…Ingredients To Consider

When you are formulating your own natural dog food recipes or other homemade pet menus there are a few things you should consider

Remember use only ingredients that are appropriate for your pet.

  • Use only organically raised and minimally processed foods.
  • If you can’t find organic foods try to use the best whole, fresh foods that you can find. Commercial products can have cancerous meat, sugar, dyes and moldy grains.

  • Vary your ingredients every 4-5 days for optimal nutrition
  • Use different meats and veggies every 4-5 days to insure a good balance of nutrients. You will find several that you and your pet likes and rely on these. Then make minor variations.

  • Include meats, bones, legumes, vegetables and herbs, fruits and flavorings
  • There are many choices of meats. It is recommended that you feed the meat raw so that your do can get all the nutrients available as cooking destroys vitamins and necessary enzymes.

  • Bones such as large meaty bones are a great source of calcium.

    Use them raw because cooked bones can splinter.

  • Dairy products…a controversy! Milk, milk products and eggs can be good additions to your natural dog food recipes. Yet…you need to be careful as they can cause allergies. Wild canines such as wolves and coyotes eat eggs in the wild so eggs can be a great addition. Yogurt is better digested than milk but again watch for diarrhea as your dog can be sensitive.
  • Add some vegetables and herbs to your healthy pet food recipes
  • They are vitamin and mineral rich.

  • Many pets like fruit
  • Adding fruit is a great snack but they also provide tons of vitamins, minerals and energy.

  • Learn what your pets’ ancestors ate in the wild to choose ingredients

We love preparing healthy pet food recipes here at We feel it is the best way to feed our family members.

You will be amazed that it really isn’t that difficult once you get your ingredients and your recipes.

Check out the holistic pet food recipes we have formulated on this website for cats, dogs, lizards, hamsters, horses and fish…they are yours for free!

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