Healthy Cat Food Choices

Best Pet Cat Care For Kittens and Adults!

Why should you be concerned?...The healthy cat food that your kitty eats will assure you that they will be around for a great deal longer and keep you stroking that silky fur for many more years.

What could be better?

Your cats are not just pets as Hawkeye the beautiful grey kitty resting on his pillow reminds his owner every day!

They are family members so give them the best pet cat care you can by feeding great food.

Healthy foods play a vital role in the care of your cat or kitten.

  • Adult cat food is of course far different than food for kittens.
  • Healthy cat food for kittens is something far different than it is for adult cats, since each has specific nutritional needs and each requires that those needs for healthy food be addressed.
  • Your older cat is going to be needing food that keeps him or her healthy in a different way. They require foods that won't put on unwanted weight and won't cause them any stress on their body systems.

Each cat requires a unique food to keep them healthy and each one also requires different amounts of vitamins and minerals to enable them to live a healthier life.

Tips For Adult Cat Food!

  • Adult healthy cat food ingredients must contain taurine and other elements in order to assure that your cat gets all that he or she needs
  • Taurine is an amino acid which occurs in animal based proteins. They do not produce it themselves.

    It is critical for heart muscle function, vision and reproduction

  • The first ingredient in any healthy cat food recipe should be meat. Chicken, beef, lamb, duck, turkey or fish
  • Do not buy if it says meat by-products or poultry by-products or meat meal

    By-products are poor quality proteins and are usually beaks, intestines, feet, hooves, heads, etc

  • No cat food should have corn as an ingredient as it is a common allergen for your fur ball. Avoid any food that has a listing of corn, corn meal or corn gluten
  • Avoid all dyes and preservatives. They are listed as BHA, BHT, propylene glycol or propyl gallate
  • Healthy preservatives are Vitamin E and C
  • Toss your cat some organic raw meat once in a while. Freeze first to kill any harmful bacteria, thaw and your feline will come meowing

Adult felines require a lower amount of calories in many cases. You know best what your cat looks like and what his or her health is like.

Healthy food means food that is geared toward the needs of your cat. You know those needs and so does your veterinarian who is well trained in feeding natural, organic, holistic foods.

Tips For Your Kitten Food

  • For a younger cat or a kitten, healthy food choices will require higher calories and a higher amount of fat for your cutie. They require more calories because they are still growing and their bodies have a higher metabolic rate.
  • Pet cat care for your younger cat or kitten will be far different for a few months as they grow. If you are unable to provide homemade cat food for your cats, you're going to want to use a quality cat food instead.

Blazar's Tip! Take care to look at the ingredient list to assure that the healthy cat food that you purchase is close to the same thing that you would make at home.

Don't mistake the phrase natural cat food for the more desirable organic cat food label. The two things are entirely different.

Organic cat food is labeled by the USDA as Certified Organic and go through very strict regulations for extreme natural and healthy growing conditions.

Natural has no regulation…so you may not be totally safe that you are getting the best.

The healthiest cat food is typically going to be organic. All natural cat food is nothing more than something which is grown naturally, but that does not make it the most healthy choice.

Give your cat the best that you can give, by offering organic food if you're unable to use homemade cat food or some other, more high quality and healthy cat food.

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