Hamster Bedding

For Natural Pet Hamster Care

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Choosing the right hamster bedding is really important for healthy pet hamster care.

Did you know that some materials are actually toxic to your little hammie and could potentially make them very ill?

Our hamster expert has done her research and found what bedding pet care supplies should be avoided and which ones are safe.

Let’s first talk about what to avoid…

There has been some scientific studies and some anecdotal evidence about the harm that was created from using certain pet hamster care materials.

Yet…nothing is totally proven.

Our feeling on this…if there is a question or a concern about certain materials it really doesn’t matter that the claims lack hard evidence.

We don’t want to take chances on our little guys’ health.  So…we err on the side of caution.

Hamster bedding for sleepy hamsters

Here is the list of what hamster bedding to avoid for the best pet hamster care

  • Newspapers…are a definite material to avoid!  We know that newspaper is easy and we have used it ourselves as one of our pet care supplies.  Yet…did you know that when your hammie tears it up to make a nest they can ingest some of that ink.

  • Cedar and Pine Shavings…have phenols which are chemicals that kill insects.  There has been some evidence that phenol can cause respiratory problems, cancers and liver failure.

  • Cellulose or Fluffy Bedding…if ingested can cause choking, pouch infections and blockages in the intestines.

  • Shredded Paper…is great for sleeping quarters only.  It should be avoided as it doesn’t absorb liquids and can get very soggy and messy.

Now… that we have covered what to avoid…let’s list what the alternatives are for bedding for optimal hamster care!

Choices for Pet Hamster Care…for optimal hamster bedding!

  • Aspen Wood shavings…are an excellent choice for folks that like to use wood shavings.  This type of wood doesn’t give off phenol fumes that can harm our hammys... like cedar and pine do.

  • Carefresh…is a wood pulp product that is all natural.  It has maximum absorbency, dust free, easy cleanup and great odor control.  It also provides the most natural hamster bedding comfort.  This is our hamster expert’s first choice.  Plus, it is eco-friendly.

  • Megazorb and Finacard…are two great choices if you are from the UK.  Megazorb is a dried wood fiber pulp that is sterilized.  The dust from the material has been extracted twice.  It has great absorbency and odor control.  It is also biodegradable.  Finacard is finely shredded cardboard with its dust removed.  It is great for burrowing and is highly absorbent.
Hamster car

Which product should you choose?  That is a question we often get.

The best answer…is to choose pet care supplies that best suit your hamster. 

Choosing the right material is based on doing what you feel is right for you and your little fur ball.

We advocate on to use natural, holistic, organic and toxic free products to insure long term health for all of our animals.

Our suggestion is try a few materials and see what works for you!

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