Eagle Pack Holistic Dog Food

25 Years Of Producing Healthy Dog Foods!

Have you heard that The Eagle Pack Holistic Dog Food company has a fun motto…”Over 25 years naturally tried, trusted and true!”

The other fun fact that we love is that they work with some of the top mushers who train, raise and compete with their sled dogs to formulate the first performance food for canine athletes.

Although PD, Lil Bit and Corey are not sled dogs they love to train in agility and obedience. They work really hard and love healthy holistic foods.

Plus…Eagle Pack Holistic Dog Foods is the official dog food of the Iditarod. This race is 1,049 miles that takes place in Alaska.

Wait…most of us don’t have sled dogs so we don’t need high performance food…right?...

No worries…We found that this company has a large selection of various premium natural dog food blends that you can choose from.

Our clients at gonaturalpet.com have used many of their healthy dog foods with great results.

Whether your dog is a backyard stick chaser or a serious senior couch potato. Eagle Pack has healthy dog foods that might suit your needs.

What They Offer…

  • Dry regular puppy formula
  • Dry puppy formula for large and giant breeds
  • Original dry lamb meal and rice
  • Original dry adult pork meal and chicken meal
  • Adult dry large and giant breed
  • Adult dry reduced fat
  • Adult dry small bites original pork meal and chicken meal
  • Dry power adult
  • Dry senior dog formula
  • 4 choices of canned dog food

Eagle Pack Holistic Dog Food puts a lot into the selection of their ingredients.

They have strict standards that they insist be followed at every step of the way to manufacturing their blends.

Marley the Samoyed is from a long line of sled dogs. She love high performance food when she hikes with her people.

Like other natural dog food companies they only use natural foods. Absolutely no by-products are used for protein sources.

Plus…The grains must be whole, the vitamins and minerals must be of high quality and there are absolutely no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

All of this is great but we are disappointed that they do not offer an organic food at this time.

They also have a unique approach to providing a “triple protein blend” in their premium natural dog food formulas.

Triple protein blends are 3 different types of meat choices. The triple blends provide your companion with multiple layers of nutrients. Mainly amino acids.

Amino acids are essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. They build lean muscle mass and support other important body functions.

Finally…the Eagle Pack company is very strict about quality control. They base their manufacturing methods the same way companies that process human food.

Give this food a try and let us know!

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