Dog Massage Therapy

Holistic Medicine For Dogs You Can Do At Home

Have you considered giving dog massage therapy to help your companion who might need a dog arthritis treatment or some relaxation after a stressful incident?

Or are you just looking for a special way to love and pamper your dog who is your best friend and buddy.

Massage therapy has been around for a very long time for people and we know the benefits it can give us, and recently there has been an increase in massage for dogs.

Have you considered the benefits that it can give your dog and other pets?

Tons and here they are!

  • Relaxation
  • Some dogs are wired for action and have a lot of energy. Some may have experienced a stressful situation and they can’t calm down.

    Using dog massage therapy as a holistic medicine for dogs is a great way to avoid certain prescriptions that can cause harm to you buddy.

  • Dog Arthritis Treatment
  • This medical condition is greatly improved by massage and many times conventional dog arthritis medicine can be avoided. Learn more about dog arthritis treatments

    The founder of this site has been a licensed massage therapist for over 11 years and a certified dog massage therapist for 15 and she has massaged many dogs using this as a primary dog arthritis treatment. It works!

  • Benefits The Various Systems Of The Body
  • The circulatory system improves because massage increases circulation of the blood. Oxygen is increased to all parts of the body and waste products are eliminated.

    This all helps in keeping your dog healthy and disease free.

  • Rehabilitation
  • Professional massages will help a dog get better quicker after an injury and surgery.

    It will help remove pain, inflammation and stiffness.

  • Quality Time
  • What better way to bond with your dog by giving him or her tons of love through touch.

    Being relaxed with your dog creates a peaceful atmosphere where you can share and strengthening loyalty and trust.

Before You Give a Treatment

  • Be relaxed, aware and have a positive attitude
  • Provide a quiet, peaceful room or space to give the massage
  • Approach your dog with open hands, palms up and let him or her sniff before you begin
  • Massage train your dog with mutual trust and positive reinforcement
  • Never force a massage
  • Work slowly
  • Know k-9 body language

Technique For Relaxation Massage

  • Massage behind the ears with small circular strokes
  • Massage with thumb and index finger the edges of the ears
  • Gently knead the neck as you would bread
  • Gently rock the head by putting one hand on top of neck and the other on bottom using slow and gentle rocks
  • Put hands on shoulder and gentle knead the muscles and repeat other side
  • Do the same for the hind legs
  • Long strokes down the back using full hand and fingers. Go Slow
  • Put hand at base of tail and make 5 slow circles each way
  • Do 5 tail circles each way
  • Gently squeeze each leg beginning with the foot and working up towards the body
  • Finish with slow long strokes and soft reassuring words, hugs and kisses

Your dog may be suffering from arthritis as well and the massage above is a great arthritic treatment when considering holistic medicine for dogs, which can be done right at home.

If you want to professionally treat arthritis and other medical conditions please visit your holistic veterinarian and certified dog massage therapist for the best care possible.

Please do not rely on a "people" massage therapist. They do not have the proper training for working on animals. The dog’s body is very different and they could do harm.

Learning and giving dog massage therapy is a great way to improve the health of your buddy.

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