Dog Arthritis Treatment

Consider The Holistic Medicine For Dogs Approach

Do you have questions about whether to use conventional dog arthritis treatment or holistic medicine for dogs?

common areas of arthritis in dogs

We understand that this can be a difficult decision, as we have been there and have tried both conventional and holistic veterinarian medicine for our own elderly dogs.

Just like humans, dogs can get arthritis…unfortunately it's part of aging.

But don't worry, there are many things you can do to help make your companion feel better.

A well thought out dog arthritis treatment is a great way to help and manage this debilitating condition.

Symptoms To Watch For

  • Stiffness and difficulty getting up
  • Refusing to run or play
  • Periodic limping after exercise
  • Slow to stand after lying down
  • Not following you room to room
  • Generally slowing down
  • Reluctant to respond to commands such as sitting

If you are seeing some or all of these symptoms, make sure to get an accurate diagnosis from a veterinarian so they can take x-rays, do a blood work up and MRI.

The great news is that a dog arthritis treatment, whether with herbs or prescriptions can provide relief from pain and stiffness.

Since we like holistic medicine for dogs and our other pets we will share some of the options that have worked really great for us.

Then we will list conventional dog arthritis medicine choices.

Holistic Dog Arthritis Treatment

This is by far our favorite way to treat this condition.

Our dogs have been on Rimadyl, Deramaxx and baby aspirin and they did what they said they would do.

Yet we felt the potential side effects, the constant worry and the expense of the blood tests, weren't enough to convince us to continue with this method.

That is when we tried…

  • Massage Therapy is our favorite. The founder of is a licensed massage therapist and owns a practice for people and their pets so this is the top recommendation for holistic medicine for dogs.
  • Yet you can also give your pup massages yourself.

    Concentrate on the muscles that surround the hip, back and shoulder joints.

    Use circular motions on the affected area for as long as you companion wants.

    Click here for more information on dog massage and cat massage. Plus, we even have great information on horse massage

  • Glucosamine/Chondrotin/MSM is a great preventative supplement if started before arthritis sets in. It is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • There are no side effects and it works by creating a fluid already present in your body called synovial fluid. It works effectively in repairing damaged joints and reducing pain by cushioning the tissues around the joint.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids are natural anti-inflammatories so they reduce pain, swelling and stiffness.
  • The added bonus is that they are safe for your dogs’ liver.

  • Buy a Ramp to use to help your dog get in and out of your vehicle, up the stairs and of course in your bed at night!
  • Elevated Dog Bowls are a must! In fact our dogs grow up with elevated bowls from when they are puppies.

    When you put your dogs’ bowl for food and water at a comfortable level they don’t strain their backs and suffer from a repeated stress condition.
  • Water Therapy can be done in a lake or at a rehab center for animals. Swimming keeps the joints mobile and muscles healthy.
  • Heated Beds are important to keep the muscles and joints warm.

So you see you don’t have to settle for conventional medications when there are so many other options like homeopathy, massage therapy, and Chinese herbs when it comes to dog arthritis treatments.

Conventional Dog Arthritis Medication

  • Baby or Enteric Aspirin…used for mild pain can be effective. Should only be given as needed under a veterinarian’s care.
  • Do not use Ibuprofen as it is toxic to dogs

  • Rimadyl…is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that treats pain and inflammation plus a joint disease called hip dysplasia. It is also given for pain relief after surgery.
  • Rimadyl works by lower the hormones that cause pain so should not be used on dogs that have liver disease, are breeding, pregnant or lactating.

    The bad news about Rimadyl is that it can cause liver damage so it is really important to monitor your pups blood monthly to be sure no terrible side effects are occurring.

  • Deramaxx is a little safer than Rimadyl but still can cause side effects with digestive, liver or kidney functions. It is also a NSAID.
  • With Deramaxx the liver enzymes must be watched closely.

  • Metacam is also a NSAID so the above side effects can also affect a dog on this dog arthritis medicine.
  • Monitor your dog’s health when on this drug as well.

No matter which pain treatment you choose for your dogs arthritis, use the one that you feel is the best for his or her long term health, happiness and well being.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to settle for conventional medications when there are so many other options like homeopathy, massage therapy, and Chinese herbs.

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