How To Give A Cat Massage

Natural Medicine For Cat Arthritis And More!

If you are a cat owner you probably know that cat massage can be a bit of a challenge and a little tricky as a way of pampering them.

Yet…if know your cat well and have patience, touching your cat with massage can strengthen your bond with your 4-legged fur ball.

pet getting acat massage

Our cat expert explains why it is important to massage your cat…

  • Helps your cat relax
  • Strengthens your relationship
  • Helps recovery from sickness and surgery
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps you keep a tab on any lump, bumps or growth
  • It is a great natural medicine for cat arthritis and rehabilitation

As you can see learning to touch your cat in this loving way has lots of benefits. There are even more that we didn’t list.

When you create a loving bond with your cat or any other animal it reduces stress and relaxes them. What a great gift that you can give to them!

Added bonus…You can detect things that shouldn’t be on your cat’s body before they possibly get worse!

Before Exploring Cat Massage Remember To…

  • Be patient and take it really slow
  • Stay aware of your cat’s body language
  • Don’t massage your cat if you had a bad day…stay positive
  • Provide a quiet area
  • Never force a massage
  • Learn what areas your cat likes massaged and area they don’t

Relaxing Touch For Your Kitty

  • For the ears use your thumb and index finger and gently massage the edges of the ears
  • For the head and neck use gentle but firm circular motions with the palm of your hand
  • Put hands on each shoulder and gently knead the muscles with your full hand
  • Repeat on the hind legs
  • For the back use long slow strokes down the spine
  • Put hand at base of tail and make 5 slow circles each way
  • If you can…for the tail give 5 circles in each direction
  • Finish with slow long strokes on the entire body
  • Do not to rush and move slow
relaxed kitty

Remember, massage is considered to be a great natural medicine for cat health maintenance and improvement. It is used for treating various health conditions especially cat arthritis.

Is is an essential ingredient for preventative medicine which your cat will hopefully enjoy and thrive on.

Remember…before you treat cat arthritis or any other healthy concern please visit your holistic veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Also make sure you go to a certified animal massage therapist. A people massage therapist does not have the proper training for working on animals. They could do harm as your cat’s body is very different from our anatomy.

So give it a try and give a cat massage!

Don’t wait to help improve your kitty's health and long term health.

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