California Natural Dog Food

Food For Happy Healthy Dogs

A healthy and happy dog with California Natural Dog Food?


That handsome four-legged in the picture is a lab/hound mix and Spenser loves eating this brand of food!

Like Spenser, we are impressed with the company’s promise of providing an all natural dog food that is of super high quality and produced with the highest of standards.

There are many great holistic dog foods on the market and it is important to know that you must do your research to make sure you are really getting what the company says it is giving you.

In our experience this company is one you can trust.

California Natural Dog Food is on our premium natural dog food list and you will see that it is more than just another holistic pet food brand.

Here is what they promise…

  • High Quality Dog Food Ingredients
  • The dog food industry is usually the place where all unwanted human meat products go. These meat products can be from diseased animals and animals with cancer…scary thought!

    The good news is that this company only uses high quality ingredients that are tested for nutritional value.

  • Whole Foods That Are Unaltered And Full Of Nutrients
  • California Natural Dog Food only uses whole grains in their formulas

    Other companies use grains that have been over processed so they do not provide the necessary nutrients for our fur balls.

  • No Added Artificial Preservatives, Colors Or Other Additives
  • This company only adds ingredients that are nutritious and healthy.

    They do not add any chemical additives like ethoxyquin or BHA/BHT.

  • Use Food Ingredients With The Best Nutritional Support
  • They use the highest quality ingredients to insure a healthy coat and skin. This company only uses high grade fats and oils.

  • Frequent Quality Control Testing
  • This company is really into quality control. All of their products go through a 100 control checks throughout the manufacturing of the formula.

    They do this so that they can guarantee the highest and safest pet food on the market.

California Natural Dog Food… also promises the best pet food safety and quality control in their manufacturing methods.

They proclaim to follow very strict pet food manufacturing guidelines and have received certifications from the following organizations.

  • SO Quality Management System 22000:2005 compliant
  • American Institute of Baking Superior rating certification
  • USDA Organic Production Certification
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Registered
  • ISO Quality Management System 9001:2000 compliant

So…if you are looking for a premium natural dog food we think this one is a great find.

They offer many different formulas and blends of holistic dog foods and even have an organic choice.

Here are just some of their many formulas!

  • Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Senior Dry Dog Food
  • Lamb Meal and Rice Adult Large Bites Dry Dog Food
  • Grain Free Chicken Meal Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Lamb Meal and Rice Adult Small Bites Dry Dog Food
  • Canned Dog Food with chicken, rice, lamb, salmon

Feeding your fur ball a holistic dog food is important for a healthy vibrant life…get started now to give you companion all it deserves!

Yummy, holistic, healthy and clean food!

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