California Natural Cat Food

Quality Ingredients For Healthier Cats

California Natural Cat Food is on the list of cat food brands that claim to be a great health alternative for your furball.

The company says…”Fewer Ingredients, Better Ingredients. The Recipe for Healthier Pets.

We really like that philosophy.

The company uses many great ingredients and that is why we choose it!

While we may not see California Natural cat food as anything more than it is, a high quality cat food choice for your pets, we admit to liking several things about this product.

Tips to Help You Choose

  • California Natural is a nutritional cat food choice. The company puts a lot of time to formulate and use great quality ingredients.
  • This is one of the cat food brands that uses natural ingredients rather than chemicals or poor quality ingredients. They brag about using high quality protein sources. They have given a great deal of thought and care into the composition of their foods.
  • This food is not a certified organic cat food by the USDA. Yet it is definitely a nutritional cat food that pays attention to animals that tend to be allergic to certain food ingredients.
  • This company does not add chemical preservatives, additives or fillers.
  • There is no wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavoring, artificial preservative, coloring or by-products

Here are some more great tips of information from our cat experts

Did you know that… Cats are obligatory carnivores and require a certain amount of protein to remain healthy and happy? They do crave and will often eat grain foods as well as vegetables, but meat should be a primary part of their diet.

With this brand of nutritional food, that need is definitly addressed.

Equally well addressed is the need for vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Real meats and vegetables go into every formula.

So it's a great deal more than just corn meal pressed into a nugget with flavoring and vitamins added. The ingredients have been well thought out and well laid out to assure your cat gets a healthy diet and that your cat will enjoy the natural flavors.

nutritional and healthy cat foo

Since your cat matters to you then you want to offer a food that is rich in the right nutritional value and one that they will enjoy.

… Let's face it, it can be a remarkably healthy cat food but if you can't get your cat to eat it, then they aren't going to benefit.

Good news… Our cat experts have found that with California Natural Cat Food their cats will eat every morsel of food with enthusiasm!

The choice of quality ingredients that have been put together will assure that they will receive all of the needed vitamins and minerals as well as enjoy the taste and eat the food readily.

Here’s to our healthy kitties!

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