Best Natural Cat Food

Choosing Nutritional Cat Food and
Organic Cat Food

Are you having trouble choosing the best natural cat food… Do you think it is the better choice?

We at think so and we hope you do as well! Here is why.

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Unlike many different cat food products out there, choosing the best natural cat food is far better for your cat---sometimes.

While it's not as “clean” as organic cat food, and there is a difference, the natural cat food that you get will be far more wholesome and healthy for your cat than most of the foods which are provided to you from your local grocers or department pet stores.

In many cases… these are not natural foods or even remotely considered to be a nutritional cat food. However, is the best natural cat food always a healthier choice?

Sadly, the answer to that question is no. Some low cost or low quality cat foods are also billed as natural cat food.

These types of lower cost foods may help to keep your cat alive and will provide rudimentary nutrition but in no way will they be considered natural or organic.

Did you know? Natural foods are those which offer you no added preservatives or unnatural substances.

The natural foods that you eat won't have artificial flavorings and colorings in them. so that they are typically somewhat healthier for your cat but again, to assure they are nutritional foods for your felines, you're going to have to diligently read the labeling to be sure what those natural ingredients are.

Why Read Labels… The reason we stress label reading …

  • Typically, natural foods are healthier but that is not always the case. Some types of cat foods are labeled all natural and may have all natural cat food ingredients. Yet, they are still not healthier as they will use some ingredients that may be less than wholesome.
  • Natural foods mean that there are no additives, but they may also include items such as feathers, hooves, diseased tissue as well as foods that are not entirely wholesome.
  • In fact, some foods that have been produced using the label of natural foods, actually included meats which were partially spoiled.
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We're sure that you agree this isn't the type of food that you'd prefer your cat to eat!

Organic cat foods are foods which are processed in a particular way and which offer some of the best nutritional food value for your cat.

The USDA requires that certain ingredients are not part of organic foods, and that they be more healthful for your animals. The ingredients which are offered in organic foods may not be grown in a certain way and may not come into contact with things like pesticides and other items such as other food labeling may have done.

Nutritional cat food, natural cat food, organic cat foods, and the best natural cat food are all entirely different things.

Make sure that as a responsible and caring pet owner that you read the label of any food that you think about feeding your cat. If you're selecting natural cat food, make sure that the ingredients are quality ingredients and that you're offering the best you can to your cat.

Remember...Keeping your cat healthy, making sure that they have the best of the natural cat food means taking the time to read what is in the cat food that you feed and assuring that the ingredients are listed in the proper order, as well as in proper proportions.

Take the time to learn about the nutrients that your cat needs in order to remain healthy.

Your furred friends will thank you for it by living longer and healthier lives.

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