Best Dog Vitamin Tips

Why Give Your Dog Pet Health Supplements?

People ask us “What is the best dog vitamin to give our dog?” all the time.

Rest assure...we've been hard at work to find the right answer for you.

best dog vitamins

Keep reading to learn the results of our research on what you should look for when you're buying natural dog vitamins and other pet health supplements.

Why? Because it is our commitment to you! We're here to help you make sure you get the healthiest and most effective ingredients for your most beloved companion, friend and family member!

Fact…experts estimate that up to a third of all American dogs are being given some type of pet health supplements.

Multi-vitamins, especially natural dog vitamins are always popular.

The good news is that joint support supplements and supplements to maintain healthy coats are also frequently used. Probiotics for improved digestion and antioxidants to combat aging are other popular pet health supplements.

Yet…can these natural dog vitamins and other supplements really improve your dog's quality of life and are they the best dog vitamin to give?

The answer is a clear cut yes! ...

  • Research indicates that fatty acid supplements can indeed improve a dog's coat, and fish oil supplements can reduce inflammation
  • Antioxidants, which include vitamin C and vitamin E, can also reduce inflammation and improve the memory of older dogs
  • Supplements which contain glucosamine and chondroitin have been shown to improve mobility and reduce the pain experienced by dogs with arthritis and other joint issues
  • Multi-vitamins, which contain many of these proven nutrients, are great for balancing your companion’s diet especially if you feed organic home prepared meals
natural dog vitamins

Remember… you need to choose your dog's vitamins carefully.

To begin with, please realize that those of us here at strongly feel that natural dog vitamins are always best for your pet.

Our beliefs are based on a combination of the in-depth research we've conducted and personal experiences we've had with our own pets over the years.

You and your dog will benefit from our research!

Based on our research, here are a few things you should do when you're shopping for the best dog vitamin to give to your dog.

  • Familiarize yourself with the names of various ingredients, and then carefully read the labels of the products you're considering.
  • Don't be deceived by an ingredient that "sounds like" or "looks like" the real thing - yet isn't
  • Concentrate on well-known brands that specialize in the type of vitamin you're interested in
  • Stay with established manufacturers with proven track records. For example, don't buy a multi-vitamin made by a company that actually specializes in fish oil, or a vitamin E supplement from a company that just started up last week.
  • Look for a lot number on the container. That can be a signal that the manufacturer has established a quality control procedure
  • Look for an indication that an independent organization has certified the ingredients of the supplement
  • Avoid products that over-promise. No vitamin should promise to cure cancer, for example
  • Certain ingredients can be harmful to dogs, so again, read the label
  • We hate to repeat ourselves, but "go with natural dog vitamins" whenever possible if you want the best dog vitamin for your fuzzy companion

Another great fact to know!

The NASC (the National Supplement Council) has established guidelines for products on the market.

The NASC looks at…

  • labeling
  • Requires the reporting of problems (adverse events) connected with dog nutritional supplements
  • Tests certain supplements to verify they contain the type and amount of the ingredients that are listed on the label

Certification by the NASC can increase your comfort level about a dog vitamin you're considering.

Remember…reading those product labels might be a drag, but it will be worth it to get the best dog vitamin.

Plus, pet health supplements that improve your dog’s health will be all the payback you need.

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