Best Cat Food – 5 Nutritional Tips

What is Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis?

Did you know that choosing the best cat food isn’t really any different for choosing high quality food for ourselves?

Nutritional cat food is so important for your kitten or adult cat’s overall health...wouldn't you agree?

Get all the best cat food information here. Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis,nutritional cat food choices, how to read labels and more. Great information for feeding and caring your cat  the natural way!

You will find information on….

  • Homemade cat food... (one of our favorite alternatives) Did you know there are a number of reasons why people feed their pets home made food? One of the biggest reasons is that nutritional cat food can be difficult to find and when we at natural-pet-essentials suggest making homemade cat food for the best cat food choice, we know exactly what is going in it and we can be sure that this homemade food is made with love.
  • What is organic cat food?...Have you ever confused organic cat food with natural cat food choices? That is easily done! We know as we have been there. We want to help you by providing you with the best information you need so that the next time you are shopping you will know what the best cat food for you four-legged is!
  • Best dry cat food... While dry food is perhaps not the best option for your cat there are some great choices. Cats like their fresh meat. But just ask any cat owner and they will tell you that they very often provide a high quality dry cat food for their cat and that cats do like and sometimes crave grains as well. Wellness and Innova are good alternatives for a commercial option.
  • Natural cat food recipes are a great option for controlling what goes into your feline's daily nutrition. Find out why it is important to provide home made food for your furred family member.

Plus you will read about some popular commercial foods and learn if they are really what they say they are. Are they really the best cat food choices?

Some of those foods are…

  • Wellness Cat Food...Did you know that Wellness Cat Food is increasing in popularity for those who have cats? We have found this style of adult cat food can help your pet begin to feel better, because it does offer a unique formula that doesn't uses harmful ingredients that can make them loose energy, suffer from disease or allergies.
  • Natural Balance Cat Food...This food provides an all natural cat food with a complete and balanced nutrition plan. Available in a variety of formulas for adults, kittens, allergies, seniors, etc. But, is it a certified organic pet food?
  • Natural Choice Cat Food...Natural Choice Cat Food is sitting on the top of the list of the more healthy processed dry food choices that you are going to find. Yet…here are some questions you might have! Is it really a natural cat food? Is it considered organic? Do they offer a a variety of choices? Find out the answers here.
  • California Natural Cat Food... California Natural Cat Food is on the list of cat food brands that claim to be a great health alternative for your furball. The company says...”Fewer Ingredients, Better Ingredients. The Recipe for Healthier Pets." Read more about this commercial cat food.
  • Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food...One thing that is among the most important things to do for your healthy pet is to offer a healthy diet, but is this cat food brand among the foods that will provide that? Find out if this is a best cat food choice for you!

But first we want to share with you 4-basic tips that we always use when selecting the best cat food brands and the best natural cat food.

Our 4-Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Food

  1. Choose healthy cat food according to your cat’s or kitten’s needs, physical condition, activity level, age and taste for the best cat food choice
  2. Read the label of everything you feed your feline
  3. Learn about the importance of Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis
  4. Know the ingredients

What Is The Right Food For Your Cat or Kitten?

All animals have different needs. Choosing the right food should be based on those needs as well as their physical condition, activity level, age and of course a yummy taste.

They are individuals and they may need more or less of what the guidelines say. Cat food analysis guidelines are a good thing and we should pay attention to those guidelines as long as they provide the best nutritional cat food options for us.

So, if your animal is sick, is overweight or has allergies to certain food a consult with a veterinarian that has special training in natural/organic and holistic feeding.

Read The Label!

There are certain things that should be on all bags and cans of commercial pet foods.

  1. Ingredients must be listed by weight
  2. Meat, fish, eggs or some type of protein should be the first or second ingredient
  3. The Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis should be on the back of the bag or can
  4. Check for the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO statement. If the food is listed as “complete and balance” they must meet standards established by the AAFCO
  5. If you choose to buy a commercial food be sure it says “adult”, “kitten”, “senior” and buy the appropriate one for the age of your feline
  6. Choosing a natural ingredient food is important. Yet, it is critical you know the ingredients. All foods that say natural are not always the best natural cat food

When we got started over 20-years ago there were no choices of commercial food that was healthy. Labels listed ingredients that we wouldn’t even consider to feed our pets.

What is Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis?

You will find the Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis on the back of the bag. This is a chart that lists the percentages of the ingredients in your feline’s food.

This chart lists the minimum levels of crude protein and fat and maximum levels of fiber and water. This information is a good place to start in understanding the quality of the food, but don’t rely on it.

A manufacturer of canned cat food can have a guaranteed analysis of 10% protein, 6.5% fat, 2.4% fiber, and 68% water (which is a common standard among canned foods). But….the ingredients could be old leather, used motor oil, coal and water..

Remember…the dry weight protein for a healthy adult cat should be at least 26% and kittens even more. This you will find listed on the label.

We can’t stress enough…to know your ingredients!

High-quality ingredients are foremost the priority for choosing the best cat food. Economy brands are usually made from cheap ingredients that provide no nutritional value.

While they may meet the required specifications for proteins, fats, carbohydrates they are so low in quality that your cat cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.

Make sure your commercial food has the Guaranteed Cat Food Analysis on the bag or can.

Avoid toxic ingredients such as BHT, BHA and ethoxyquin. They are chemical preservatives which preserve dry food, but can cause cancer. Look for Vitamins C and E instead.

Another ingredient to avoid are meat-by-products. The AFCO defines them as “The non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low-temperature fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. It does not include hair, teeth and hooves.”

By-products are considered inferior and are often taken from sick and diseased animals.

The other ingredients to avoid are meat meal or meat-by-products as they are produced by a process called rendering which uses chemicals.

Why We Recommend Organic And Natural Food

We at use natural and organic cat food because we want to know every ingredient that goes into our pets’ diet.

We do a lot of home cooking for our animals but we do have commercial cat foods that we are comfortable with.

We are firm believers that a healthy, holistic and clean food choice makes for a healthier happy pet.