Avian Pet Insurance

Health Insurance For Birds

Are you looking for avian pet insurance for your bird?

Bird Insurance plans

Bird health plans are out there but it may not be what you are looking for!

We've compiled some information that will help you decide if health insurance for your feathered friend is worth it.

As you know…our birds are worth every ounce of attention we can give them.

Initially birds were not offered medical plans the way dogs and cats were.  If you have had or have a sick bird you know costs can be high.

The good news is this has changed and is now available.  And the coverage you choose can cover your feathered friend for routine and preventative vet visits, and maybe even more.

Things To Think About With Avian Pet Insurance

Some things to consider…

  • You must choose wisely.  There are many plans to choose from and each company offers their standard coverage for a variety of price ranges.

  • The other thing to consider is there's usually a 30-day waiting period after you purchase the policy before you are fully covered.  So… what that means to you if your birdie becomes seriously ill this may affect their bird coverage.

  • A very common thing with avian policies that you can expect…is that they offer a basic policy with a choice of price ranges.  So make sure you read all the fine print cautiously so you know what your are buying for your bird.

  • In our research we have found that for birds, the coverage is really only for emergencies.  Plus, there is always a deductible that you must pay out-of-pocket.
Insurance for birds

The good news…is that us bird lovers out there can now rest assure that the veterinary knowledge of our feathered family members is getting more and more thorough.

Since birds are becoming more popular this forces the veterinarian community to become more educated on their health needs.

This is why avian health plans are becoming more popular.

Yet, it can still be complicated for us bird owners. 

Just like policies for dogs and cats, the payment to you is based on a reimbursement scale. 

That means you pay up front for the treatments and then get your money back.

This can be a real pain especially when going to the  veterinarians can be very expensive.

Here are 3 avian companies that we found…

  • American Pet Plan

  • VPI

  • Pet Assure -  The neat thing is that they will cover birds, dogs, cats, ferrets, and other animals the veterinarian world considers as “exotic”

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Remember….when researching avian companies make sure you ask all your questions and read the fine print.

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