ASPCA Pet Insurance

Best Pet Health Insurance?

ASPCA Pet Insurance is one company that you may want to research if you are wondering which insurance company to sign up with for your cat or dog.

Your needs are unique and so are your pets’ so it is important to do a pet insurance comparison of all the companies out there before you make your final decision. This way you know which best pet health insurance policy is for you!

We have done lots of research for you and are here to help you and your pal!

What we found out about ASPCA Pet Insurance

You might of heard about the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or the ASPCA. They are most known for their protection from abuse for all kinds of animals, they pass humane laws and share resources with shelters across the nation.

Aspca cat resting comfortable on table

This organization was founded in 1866 by Henry Bergh. And here is their mission statement…”To provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals though out the United States.”

Then in 2006 chose Hartville Group, Inc as a partner to (according to ASPCA) provide the best pet health insurance to “help pet parents avoid tough financial decisions about their pets’ health.

They brag about the following benefits

  • You have your choice of any veterinarian you want in the US or Canada. They do not limit your choices.
  • The annual deductible per pet is $100
  • You can save 10% if you have more than one pet
  • You can easily manage your account online
  • Customary and usual services are covered with a 90% reimbursement
  • They have 4 levels of coverage and you pick the plan for you
  • You handle all the reimbursements and you don’t net your veterinarian’s signature
  • There are 2 choices for Routine Wellness care
  • They never cancel coverage because of age or health

One thing we like about this company is they have an awesome website and is user friendly so you can easily do a pet insurance comparison for your beloved companion.

Remember…to do your research and don’t just settle for the first company you find. We have tons of info to help you choose the best pet health insurance for your needs.

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