Animal Reiki
Try Reiki For Animals For Alternative Energy Healing

Have you considered Animal Reiki for an amazing alternative energy healing treatment? You will see that Reiki for animals will help all of your critters!

We at love it! We use it when our dog Marley goes to the vet, groomer or any other potentially stressful event.

Animal Reiki works for dogs and all your other animals that are stressed from fireworks, trauma, injury or illness. You really can't beat this alternative energy healing for stress reduction, relaxation and rehabilitation!

What is Reiki?

The Japanese translation is "universal life energy." This alternative energy healing method helps relax and balance a person's or animal's energy field.

The cool thing is that it is used in hospitals and animal reiki is used in veterinarian clinics around the world!

The other thing we love about this energy healing is that it is totally noninvasive. That means it doesn't do harm, its extremely gentle, extremely safe and doesn't interfere with conventional veterinarian care.

In other can give a treatment at any time, any place and in any situation without worrying about hurting your pet.

Benefits of Reiki for Animals and Why we Love it!

  • It will never harm you or your pet
  • It can be given on any pet or wild animal
  • It can help lessen or change emotional problems from abuse, neglect, and trauma
  • It relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety in your nervous or hyperactive pet
  • It has been shown to speed up recovery when sick, injured or when healing from surgery. Reiki for animals is excellent to pair up with conventional treatments
  • If you pet is dying it can help bring peace and comfort
  • Not difficult to learn
  • You can perform Reiki anywhere

How can you learn this alternative energy healing system

  • Search the web for a Master teacher in your area
  • We all have this energy. With a teacher you learn how to develop it and help your animals.
  • Once you learn it the energy is with you for life
  • You will receive attunements that have been passed down for centuries
  • Talk to other Reiki practitioners

Levels of Certification

Reiki I...once attuned you can give treatments to yourself, others and for animals. This is the attunement you learn for self-healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki II...balance and distance healing is taught in this level. Plus you get symbols to assist your work

Reiki III and Teacher's Training...fine tunes and increases your ability

Wouldn't you agree that our critters deserve the best we can give them. This alternative energy healing system is non-invasive, easy, gentle.

The best thing is...your bond will get even better when you learn and give this wonderful method to your companion.

We have seen such fabulous results with our own animals and the animals we treat. The owner of this website uses it on all her animal massage clients as her choice for alternative energy healing.