All Natural Dog Treats

Tips For Feeding Natural Dog Treats and
Organic Pet Treats

What better way to love your dogs by giving them all natural dog treats. Wouldn't you agree?

At this is our favorite topic. So you will see great information about organic dog treats and natural pet treats.

Plus…you will find some great recipes for free.

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Healthy snacking on healthy treats is important.

Yet, do you over-treat your companion? It is easy to do especially since we love them so much.

To avoid a pudgy pooch be aware of the ingredients and calories.

All natural dog treats  will have your canine companion begging

Did you know? That having an overweight or obese dog can be a health problem? And even though we might feed the best organic dog treats around we do have to be concerned of over-treating.

Having a dog that is overweight or obese can shorten their life. Plus cause health issues ranging from arthritis to diabetes.

Don’t worry you don’t have to deprive your companion of well deserved treats we have 8-tips to help you make smart choices for natural pet treats.

Smart Choices for All Natural Dog Treats – 8 Tips

  1. Read Dog Food Labels…we can’t stress this enough.If you read labels of treats that have been manufactured commercially, especially supermarket varieties, they are low in nutrition.They are also high in corn syrup, molasses, fructose and carbohydrates.They also list chemical ingredients. Some we can’t even pronounce plus artificial colors and flavorings.Usually premium quality organic dog treats that are commercially produced have ingredients you can trust.
  2. Get Natural and Organic Dog TreatsLook for actual meat-based treats that have no artificial ingredients or additives.The treats we give our dogs here at are apples, carrots, green beans, bananas, celery and other fresh produce…organically grown.Remember…onions, grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs.
  3. Waist Watching is CriticalSince treats are not usually balanced and nutritionally complete please do not feed your dog treats as their main source of nutrition even if they are all natural dog treats. They should only make up 10% of your companion’s daily intake of food. The rest should be full of nutritionally balanced holistic dog food that you make yourself or buy commercially.Treat calories can add up quickly so know the specific calorie intake need for your dog and then give only 10% in treats per day.
  4. Table Scraps are Great…Yet Avoid Certain OnesIt is so tempting to give your companion all your table scraps.Yet avoid excess fat as they are extremely high in calories and low in nutrients.High fat content can cause gas, diarrhea, vomiting and bad breath.It is ok to feed unseasoned veggies and lean meats. This is a great way for giving your pup a natural dog treat.
  5. Avoid Treats Around Regular Feeding TimesWhen you feed your dog a premium all natural dog food they are getting all the nutrition they need.Feeding snacks around meal time can disrupt the eating patterns of your dog and they might actually prefer their treat to their regular food.This can lead to vitamin deficiencies that lead to major health issues.
  6. Begging…Treating…Leads to Bad Behavior
  7. Healthy dog treats should only be given when you want to motivate a dog during training.

    They are excellent in training us with those sad eyes and drooping ears…meaning I want a treat.

    Reinforce good behavior with organic dog treats for a well rounded, happy dog.

  8. Rewards are Good Play is one thing dogs absolutely love and to offer all natural dog treats during or after play time gives the message that exercise is good.When dogs play they are burning calories so a healthy pet treat high is protein is a great choice.
  9. Choose Smart TreatsYou will notice that all natural dog treats that are organic (not supermarket varieties) can actually be beneficial to your dog’s health.Some support dental, digestive and immune system health. Others can help arthritis and other health issues.

When feeding your pooch…feed a low calorie and low fat option. Be sure it is high in protein and has other health benefits. Even better look for organic choices.

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