Affordable Pet Care!

10 Tips To Finding Cheap Pet Care

Finding quality and affordable pet care in today’s economy can be a challenge…wouldn’t you agree?

Finding affordable pet care is easy if you know what your looking fo

We all know that we simply cannot live without our animal companions.

They are family members, super loyal buddies and our best friends, and we all want the best for them, including affordable pet care!

We have developed such intense bonds with our animals we totally understand the importance and challenge of finding the best of everything out there for our “kids”.

So we've put together some affordable pet care tips below, plus advice on how to find affordable pet insurance and online pet medicines

10 – Tips For Finding Affordable Pet Care

  1. Call your vet and ask for a copy of all your records. That should be provided free of charge. With this information you are ready to do the appropriate research. You can then dedicate yourself to learning and understanding as much as you can about our pet’s health needs.
  2. Try contacting any colleges in your area that may have veterinary medicine program. Ask if they have a clinic that offers care at reduced costs. This can be an excellent way to get cheap pet care because the vet students are heavily monitored by their teachers who are often excellent veterinarians.
  3. Contact local shelters for finding affordable and cheap pet care options. They often offer a low cost spay and neuter program that can be an excellent solution for cheap pet care. Veterinarians do volunteer their time at these clinics so you will probably get great care.
  4. Contact your vet and explain your situation. A client of ours did that when she became unemployed and he waived his office fee and sold her medicine at a very low cost. If you have a service to offer you might want to offer to barter.
  5. Research for online pet medicines. Do some comparison shopping for the pet medication that you might need. You can get a prescription from your regular veterinarian and have them fax it to the online pet medicines company that you choose.
  6. Call your local humane society for recommendations of vets that offer cheaper pet care.
  7. Check with your natural pet food company for coupons. They are usually great about giving them out. Sometimes you can get some really great deals this way. Companies love to hear that folks like us love and use their products. Sometimes you might even get a free bag of food!
  8. Learn how to care for your animal’s situation at home. For example, one of our client’s has a dog with allergies and they often show up in his ear. She learned all she could about home care. She keeps the dog in on windy days and keeps his ears clean and dry.
  9. Feed them the best possible natural food you can. This can help avoid pet health problems.
  10. Affordable pet insurance can be a challenge because we want the best coverage. Cheap insurance and great coverage usually doesn’t happen. Price and quality usually go hand-in-hand.
Affordable pet health care plans

Don’t worry…says Reesie on the left. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the best pet health insurance that is an affordable pet insurance policy for your needs.

It just means that you have to do some work.

So, make a plan that suits you and start shopping around.

Have the insurance agents make you an offer and when you get all the quotes take the one with the lower price and present it to the rest.

This requires some work but it is a great way to receive the care you want .

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