About Us Friendly Folks At
Go Natural Pet.com

Are you wondering who we are at gonaturalpet.com?

We are a group of dedicated pet lovers! Just like you!

We want the best for your companions and we are here to help!

We have tons of experience with natural, holistic and healthy food, products and living.

In fact…GoNaturalPet.com was founded by a group of dedicated and licensed massage therapists for Humans, Horses and Hounds.

That’s right we treat people, horses and dogs!

Wouldn't you agree that is pretty neat?

Anyway we have been massage therapists for over a decade and in the health field for 31-years...treating people (2-leggeds), as well as horses and dogs (4-leggeds) for their nagging aches and pains and their health issues.

That's why it was decided to create a website to help you with great information that we have tested ourselves for better living for your animals.

Plus…we have attended many classes in animal health and nutrition, massage therapy techniques, anatomy and physiology and ethics.

How will you benefit?

We will share with you everything that we have learned about taking care of our companions….the natural and holistic way!

Even better news...our goal is to provide you with the best website on the internet for natural and holistic food, treats, supplies, medicine, exercise….the list goes on!

In short…you will benefit from the research, studying and practical experience that we have.

We can all agree….that our pets give us so much…so together lets give them a healthy lifestyle!

Love….from the folks at www.gonaturalpet.com